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September 2022

Welcome back to campus, Ospreys!

Ospreys return to the Nest to begin the fall 2022 semester! Watch a video recap of the festivities!

Students gathered together Students walking together Student in Starbucks
Student in library using computer UNF Market Day event Student sitting outside the library

Founding faculty member and UNF mark 50th milestone together

By Marsha Blasco

Not many people work at the same company for 50 years. Even fewer can say they started when the organization began. Janice Wood has earned both distinctions. Hired as a founding faculty member in 1972, Wood is still on the job at the Florida Institute of Education at UNF, creating curriculum for Florida schools and childcare centers.

Janice Wood

“People ask me all the time, ‘Why are you still there? Why are you still working?’” Wood said. “The answer is that I love what I’m doing … I love learning new things, so I’ve been lucky to still be excited about it.”

Before UNF opened, Wood was recruited from the Duval County Public School District. She was working full time, traveling two days a week to Florida State University to complete her doctorate and raising a new baby. The dean of the College of Education tried twice to bring her to UNF before succeeding. She never imagined that decision would begin a lifelong career of training students to become teachers. As the only faculty member with a specialty in Early Childhood Education, Wood developed UNF’s program from scratch, which she said was both exciting and daunting.

The early years presented unusual challenges, too. Most students had full-time jobs, so classes were offered in the evenings. “It was suggested to us that we wear boots to get out of our cars because a couple of faculty members had been bitten by snakes. There were lots of snakes and critters running all over the place,” she said.

Inside the classroom, the lone teaching tool was an overhead projector. No computers. No internet. No PowerPoints. No videos. The only way to observe teaching methods was to make frequent trips to area schools and childcare centers. And though the process of training teachers has not significantly changed, the mindset has, Wood said. In the 1970s, children learned to read when they went to school. Today, the emphasis is on exposing children to literature, conversations and books from birth. “Now parents realize how important it is that they become involved in the education of their children. That’s a big difference as to what has gone on in the last 50 years in education in general.”

Wood has great praise for the early administrators of the University and described Thomas G. Carpenter as the right personality for the task of building a university, drawing faculty together and having them look forward. She also witnessed the campus milestones as they happened including men’s and women’s cross country as the first athletic teams, each of the new buildings as they were built and the expansion of programs and enrollment.  

So much has changed. “The first students at UNF were upper level and graduate students, and many were older than we were as faculty members,” Wood said. “The average age of the faculty was two years younger than the average age of the students … and they didn’t let us forget how much older they were than us.” Reflecting back over so many memories, Wood is most grateful for the close relationships she shared with other faculty. Many remain friends today. “Over the years, I had several job offers, and I wouldn’t even consider them,” she said. “Most of the core faculty felt the same way.”

Now, after working for all seven of UNF’s presidents, Wood is contemplating retirement in 2023. “I thought it’s a good time to retire at 50 years,” she said. “I’ve loved every minute of it, and I’ve never wanted to do anything else … I know I will miss going on campus each day and doing the work I love.”

UNF summer internship benefits all involved

By Marsha Blasco

For several years, alumna Katie Bakewell has been sharing her expertise with participants in UNF’s summer internship — Florida Data Science for Social Good. As students work with nonprofits to analyze data and solve problems, they benefit from Bakewell’s eight years of experience at NLP Logix, a Jacksonville data science company, where she is a Modeling and Analytics Team lead.

Yet, according to Bakewell, not only the students gain from the experience. “Mentoring the students absolutely helps me with my job,” she said. “Data science is a new field, so we’re hiring people who are fresh graduates. And we get interns every semester from UNF, and we are asking them to do work similar to the summer interns … so it helps us to understand the best way to teach the skills we have. It’s definitely mutually beneficial.”

Karthik Umapathy (left) and Dan RichardA one-of-a-kind program in Florida
UNF’s data science program began in 2017 with the vision and collaboration of Dr. Dan Richard, associate professor of psychology, and Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy, associate professor of computing. Now, after six years of success, the program can boast providing real-world training to 44 interns who have created 21 data-driven solutions for nonprofit organizations. Modeled after a program created at the University of Chicago, UNF’s summer internship is the only one of its kind in Florida.  

For 12 weeks each summer, a team of six or seven interns flex their data science skills and social conscience as they solve difficult issues. The co-founders credit success to the quality of the students and the program’s volunteers — eight industry experts and 10 faculty advisers who meet with the interns every other week to answer questions and offer guidance. “We saw a theme emerge that ‘It takes a village,’" Richard said. “We had support from all of the mentors, the faculty leads and many others who help with the program. It really makes the difference in the success of the program.”

Victor Li, quantitative research manager at the Jacksonville Jaguars, has been advising the teams for several years and continues to be impressed with how quickly they are able to solve complicated tasks. He believes the UNF program successfully bridges the gap between classroom learning and the workplace. “Having real-world experience is so important in the field of data science, and for Dan and Karthik to create a program that combines the real-world experience while also helping out the nonprofits, is just an incredible alliance,” Li said.

As part of the Jaguars analytics team, Li assists all departments with their data needs to enhance decision-making and strategic planning. He is able to draw from his five years in the field to provide insights to the students, yet he also finds mentoring to be “100%” helpful to his own job. “One thing that’s interesting in the world of data science programming is it’s always changing,” Li said. “So, it’s helpful to be in a collaborative environment to hear everyone bringing in their new ideas. Just being in that environment is really conducive to staying up to date … and being able to explain concepts is sort of a muscle that needs to be trained and kept in shape too.”

Role of UNF Faculty Advisors
Dr. Georgette Dumont, associate professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, began to work with the UNF program in its first year and has missed only one summer while on sabbatical. Not only does the program fit well with her expertise in public and nonprofit management, but she’s also passionate about nonprofit organizations. “Over the past decade, nonprofit funders are increasingly asking for data that confirms the organization’s success,” Dumont said. “This internship is ideal because it’s connecting the University to the community and offering what the community needs,” she said. “I just love what they’re doing, and that’s why I keep coming back.”

She believes she brings the human aspect to the discussion, focusing on what the data means to the organization, the clients and the funders and finding ways to help students interpret the data through those lenses. In return, she believes faculty mentors also benefit by learning more about what is happening in the community.

Dr. Lakshmi Goel, professor and associate dean of the Coggin College of Business, has assisted with the program for four years. She has high praise for Umapathy and Richard and the tremendous level of support they personally provide for the interns, as well as connecting them with other experts to ensure their success.

Though she has a background in Information Systems and Analytics, she sees her role as making a business case for the data. How are we connecting this information to the organization’s mission and goals? “You can really get lost in the data,” Goel said. “And my role is to pull students back and make sure they are considering what the organization can do with the information … it must be aligned to what the company needs.”

Goel said she learns something from every project and gains the satisfaction that the University is providing real value to the community. “The talent for the area of data science is so expensive, which makes it hard for nonprofits to access,” she said. “This program gives these organizations something valuable they otherwise would not be able to afford.”

text of The Big RevealInterns share thoughts on the program at the Big Reveal
The six interns attended the Big Reveal event at the end of August, which is a forum for the students and clients to share their projects and findings with the public. A member of the audience asked students what could be improved next year. Several said they would have enjoyed more in-person time rather than remote work, yet otherwise had only praise for the program. Here are a few comments:

  • Sara Milligan, Doctoral student in Philosophy, USF — I really don’t think there’s anything that could have been done better, and I really appreciate all of the hard work that Dan and Karthik and everyone else put into it to make it a really smooth, amazing learning experience for all of us.
  • Minakshi Sharma, Master of Public Health student, UNF — “Even though we were doing the internship online, I felt like we were all together at the same place at the same time. Whatever the problem we had, it was solved instantly … It was like everyone involved in this was there every time. And the professors were very helpful.”
  • Mahmoud Elbatouty, Bachelor of Science student, UNF — This program was amazing. The professors, and especially the resources we were given …”
  • Adhithyan Rangarajan, Master of Science student, USF — “The professors have been super helpful. They’ve gone above and beyond and helped us. And, also the clients and mentors have given us the right pointers when we needed it.”
  • Other interns: Abhishek Pancholi, Master of Science student, USF; Brian Ferdman, Master of Science student, UWF

Learn more about the 2022 projects and the interns online.

Former youth camper finds career at UNF

By Byron E. Jones

Ryan Schneader has been a part of the UNF community since he was a kid. He first stepped onto the campus over a decade ago at the age of 11 to attend the summer Youth Sports & Fitness Camp.
Ryan Schneader sitting in the gymHis UNF journey has since progressed from those early days as a camper to being a devoted participant and contributor to the youth camp program — eventually becoming a volunteer and camp counselor as a teen. He then enrolled as a student at UNF. While pursuing his degree, in 2019, he became a group supervisor for the 11 to 12-year-olds before being promoted to assistant director in the summer of 2022 and helping to manage the day-to-day operations in addition to his club sports position. Earlier this year, he became the new club sports and facilities coordinator.
Schneader will tell you that he has enjoyed his UNF adventure every step of the way. He fondly remembers his days as a camper referencing the friendships he developed with fellow campers and staff, and citing playing dodgeball in the Arena and kickball in the courtyard outside of the Field House, as some of his best memories. It was these experiences and connections that prompted him to stay involved in the camp as he grew older.
“The camp was so much fun,” said Schneader. “I wanted to stay in the camp environment and make an impact on other kids.”
Born and raised in Jacksonville, his time in the camp program and his familiarity with the campus heavily influenced his decision to enroll at UNF. “I always wanted to attend UNF from the beginning of high school due to my experience with the University,” he said. Having a mother and father who are both UNF graduates also strengthened his connection to the University.
During his time as a student, he continued to work as a camp counselor while also working as a student employee at the Student Wellness Complex and Field House. He graduated in May 2021 with a bachelor’s in sports management and he’s planning to pursue a master’s degree in spring 2023.
In May of this year, he assumed the club sports and facilities coordinator position as part of the Competitive Sports program. In this position, he acts as the liaison between the University and club sports officers helping to schedule practice and game times while also managing the Field House student staff.
When he’s not on campus, Schneader says he enjoys cheering on the Jaguars and spending time with his wife Linda, who’s also an alumnus of UNF. The expecting pair wed in February of this year with his friend from youth camp Jeffrey Maisonet, a current UNF student and member of the cheerleading team, serving as a groomsman. 
Schneader, like many in the Osprey community, cherishes the fond memories of his time on campus and the people who make this place special. For him, UNF has undeniably had a major impact on his life.
“UNF has literally seen me grow from an 11-year-old child to the man I am today, and it will forever be a part of me,” said Schneader. “I would not be who I am today without UNF."

North Florida Athletics reveals five-year strategic plan

North Florida Athletics five-year strategic plan flyer titled The PursuitBy Byron E. Jones

There are many exciting things taking place for UNF Athletics at the dawning of the fall 2022 semester. In June, the department announced a partnership with CSI Companies to facilitate the installation of a new Arena floor, which will be revealed in the upcoming months. Recently, Director of Athletics Nick Morrow discussed future plans for the athletics program and its facilities, including new lighting installations for baseball, softball and tennis.

At the 2022 North Florida Athletics AD Reception in August, he revealed the creation of “The Pursuit,” a five-year strategic plan that lists the mission, vision, core values and priorities of the athletics program. Created over the course of nine months, Morrow shared that the name “The Pursuit” comes from a quote by legendary NFL head coach Vince Lombardi when discussing achieving greatness — a task the athletics department is committed to doing.

Morrow also stated that the strategic plan was a collaborative effort among various groups within the Osprey community including coaches, student-athletes (current and former), VPs, alumni and donors.

“I’m really excited about this strategic plan,” said Morrow. “It was really important to me and the department for it to be collaborative.”

Athletics announces ticketing updates for 2022-23

UNF student athlete on the soccer fieldNorth Florida Athletics has announced changes to home event ticketing, which means there are now many more free sporting events for the campus community to enjoy.

Ticketed and Non-Ticketed Varsity Sports
The breakdown of ticketed and free admission home events has changed this season. Men's basketball, softball, baseball and outdoor track and field comprise the ticketed home events.

Non-ticketed home event sports include:
  • Women's soccer
  • Men's soccer
  • Women's basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Men's golf
  • Women's golf
  • Cross country
  • Men's tennis
  • Women's tennis
  • Swimming
  • Beach volleyball

Director of Athletics Nick Morrow hopes the change will bring more community members to watch sports at UNF. “It is important that we provide our local Jacksonville community with affordable, family friendly entertainment,” Morrow said. “This change will remove a financial barrier that may exist and allow for more people to visit our beautiful campus to enjoy quality Division I athletics. It is our goal to provide an excellent fan experience that leaves people wanting to return and bring their friends and neighbors.”

The cost to attend events for the listed sports is free, although UNF will offer premium experiences varying by sport and venue. Single game Bank of England Suite tickets will also be available for volleyball and women's basketball games. Osprey Club Hospitality will be available for select events, courtside seats will be available on a game-by-game basis for women's basketball and single game Bank of England Suite tickets will be available for volleyball and women's basketball games.

Details on Group and VIP Experiences
UNF will offer group experiences for outings of 10 or more people. 

  • $15 per ticket
  • Group experiences such as national anthem buddies, halftime performances, team autograph sessions
  • Concessions voucher
  • UNF T-Shirt

VIP experiences (availability and cost varies)

  • Birthday parties
  • In-venue tailgates
  • Corporate events

For more information on group and VIP fan experiences, please contact Kaitlin Parsons or Aaron Longe at the email addresses below:
Kaitlin Parsons - Associate AD for External Operations |
Aaron Longe - Assistant Director of Marketing |

Information submitted by the UNF Athletics Department.

Get To Know: Karen Cousins

Karen Cousins headshotDr. Karen Shears Cousins is the associate vice president in the Office of the Provost and an affiliated professor of history.

What does your job involve?
Truthfully, I am a jack-of-all-trades! I facilitate and represent the provost; lead, advise and monitor issues and projects on behalf of the provost; and oversee the implementation of strategies and the reporting necessary to comply with Board of Governors requirements, which affect the academic enterprise.

How long have you worked at UNF?
I was a full-time undergraduate and graduate student at UNF from 2006 to 2011. That’s a lot of work — but of a different kind! I came back seven years later as a visiting assistant professor in history for the 2018-19 academic year and have been in administration full time since the summer of 2019, beginning as the director of the Office of Undergraduate Research.

What do you enjoy most about working here?
I have hilarious, supportive and caring colleagues in Academic and Student Affairs, and I get to work with gifted faculty and students across all the colleges and departments. I love my job!

How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t working?
I love to read, both nonfiction and fiction. I like to walk on the beach with my husband, looking for little treasures offered up by the ocean; and I like to travel, where I always gravitate to museums and historical churches.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Orlando, but my father was in the U.S. Air Force, so I grew up all over the place. I had attended 13 schools by the time I graduated from 12th grade.

Where did you go to school?
UNF for my B.A. and M.A., and the fabulous University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, where I earned my Ph.D. in history in 2018. It’s the thing of which I’m most proud!

Who inspires you and why?
I’ve had a series of women in my life who have inspired me, beginning with my mother, Jackie Shears, who is now 87. She’s still my cherished role model. Most recently, the woman who inspires me is my boss, Karen Patterson. I admire and seek to emulate the grace and strength under pressure that she models every day.

What is a fun fact about you many people may not know?
I didn’t go to college right after high school. Instead, I graduated from the Washington Business School. The skills I honed as a professional legal secretary and ultimately as high-level executive assistant to international corporate principals, undergirding the education I later gained, have proven to be a pretty good mix!

Osprey Profile: Gavin Martellotti

Gavin Martellotti holding a saxophoneMeet Gavin Martellotti

Gavin Martellotti is currently a junior majoring in Music Performance as a saxophonist. He was named the winner of the UNF Wind Symphony Concerto Competition in the spring and performed David Maslanka’s Concerto for Alto Saxophone with the UNF Wind Symphony. He was also selected to participate in the Frederick L. Hemke Saxophone Institute at the Snow Pond Music Festival over the summer studying with world-renowned saxophone pedagogues. He's currently pursuing a conducting certificate.

What brought you to UNF?
In high school, I took virtual lessons from a young professor who received her undergraduate degree from UNF. She's an incredibly successful saxophonist and really advocated for studying here. When I auditioned here, I had been accepted into a different university that I was leaning heavily towards. At my audition, the saxophone professor here, Dr. Bovenzi, told me, "Of all the places you have applied to, you will receive the best saxophone education here,". It was a bold statement but it really stuck with me. Prior to my audition, I had taken a lesson with him and spoke with him. He seemed to understand the things I want to accomplish in music and I'm really grateful for that. I'm really here because of Dr. Bovenzi. I recently attended the Snow Pond music festival, and I was able to keep up with graduate students and students from major universities. I can attest that I am receiving the best saxophone education I could be receiving.

What have you enjoyed most about the University?
I enjoy how much opportunity there is here, especially as an undergraduate student. UNF is a place where if you want to do something, there is absolutely a way to accomplish it.

Do you have a favorite place on campus?
I really enjoy the Recital Hall in the Fine Arts Center. Sometimes I'll stay after a rehearsal and improvise, or play melodies. It's especially nice when the lights are dim, and it's a space where you can easily make your sound consume the whole room.

What campus clubs/organizations/activities are you involved in?
I recently joined the UNF Composers Club, and I work at the Alumni Engagement center.

Where did you grow up?
Sebastian, Florida

When did you first become interested in music and how did you settle upon the saxophone?
I started playing music in middle school. I initially didn't join the band program, but a lot of my friends were in it, so I decided to join. I thought the saxophone was a really cool instrument, so I settled upon that and the rest is history.

What’s the greatest bit of advice you’ve ever been given?
"Motivation comes after consistency."

Who inspires you?
My peers inspire me. So many of my peers and friends are great musicians and great people. It's wonderful to be surrounded by people who are also driven and excellent at what they do. Both of my roommates are also saxophonists and are each accomplished musicians in their own regard who push me to keep moving forward.

What is a fun fact about you many people may not know?
I make stamps! I carve designs into lino blocks, and I use an ink pad.

UNF recognized by Campus Pride

Campus Pride logoThe University of North Florida was recently recognized as one of the “Best of the Best” colleges and universities by Campus Pride for creating a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff.
UNF achieved the highest ranking on the Campus Pride Index (CPI), the definitive national benchmarking tool measuring LGBTQ-friendly policies, programs, practices, safety, inclusiveness and resources on campus for LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff.
Additionally, UNF is the only university in Florida to receive this recognition and one of only 40 campuses recognized nationwide. Learn more about this recent achievement.

Convocation 2022: Friday, Sept. 30

Musicians playing at the 2019 ConvocationUNF's 2022 Convocation will be held Friday, Sept. 30 at 10 a.m. in the Lazzara Performance Hall, Fine Arts Building.

This 51st Annual Convocation will be a celebration of the accomplishments of many colleagues and friends. It will also be an opportunity to hear remarks from President Limayem and to recognize the achievements of our faculty in the areas of International Service, International Leadership, Teaching, Scholarship, Service, and Advising. Another highlight of this program is the honoring of UNF's 45th Distinguished Professor, Michele Moore. 

Click here to view a list of awardees.

Inside News Roundup

UNF Preschool and College of Education team up to offer new learning experiences
The UNF Preschool and College of Education and Human Services are working together to increase experiential learning opportunities for UNF education students as well as continue to foster the nurturing learning environment for children, for which the Preschool has been well known since 1975. Under the College purview since spring 2020, the Preschool has expanded its capacity to serve as a training, observation and internship site for education students and faculty. Learn more about the new learning experiences.

Dolphins with UNF copyright noticeAdopt a dolphin to support UNF's dolphin research program 
North Florida’s Dolphin Research Program provides critical information on the population of bottlenose dolphins inhabiting Jacksonville’s estuarine waters. Over the past 10 years, Dr. Quincy Gibson, associate professor of biology, and student researchers have identified and conducted studies on the behavioral ecology of over 500 individual dolphins in the St. Johns River, approximately half of which are year-round residents. To help support the program and its research, the Dolphin Research Program offers the unique opportunity to symbolically “adopt” a local dolphin that has been identified during marine mammal research. Learn how to adopt a dolphin.

UNF hosts environmental, social and governance factors workshop for business executives
The Coggin College of Business Executive Programs hosted a workshop on understanding environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors on Thursday, Aug. 25, in downtown Jacksonville. The workshop was designed for business executives, managers reporting data to a board of directors, and small business owners positioning themselves to be acquired by a public corporation where robust ESG processes and reporting are likely to be in place. Learn more about the workshop online.

UNF Veterans PlazaUNF contributing to needs assessment for Northeast Florida Veterans and Families
The Center for Community Initiatives at UNF has partnered with a national veteran-serving organization Endeavors, the Combined Arms Institute, and the City of Jacksonville to conduct research on the needs of veterans and their families in Northeast Florida. The goal of the assessment survey is to learn how to better help local veterans. Find more information online about UNF’s role in the needs assessment. Learn more and take the survey online.

UNF Continuing Education offers new animal-assisted interventions and interactions certificate
The Division of Continuing Education is now offering a noncredit program and certificate as a Human-Animal Intervention Specialist for healthcare, human service, educational professionals and volunteers who wish to include animals in their goal-driven or recreational work. This course is also appropriate for dog trainers who help prepare humans and their animals for Animal-Assisted Interventions. The program is an option for those who want to pursue advanced study but do not seek a graduate degree. The inaugural class will begin in fall 2022. Learn more about the certificate online.

UNF students in the ocean

UNF and partners awarded National Science Foundation grant to study seagrass health
The Department of Biology chair Dr. Cliff Ross, in collaboration with the University of South Florida and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, has been awarded a federal grant from the National Science Foundation to study seagrass health. The entire grant, among all partnering institutions, is $1M and will be the first in history to research viral infections of seagrass and the resulting impact on coastal ecosystems. Learn more about this research project online.

UNF Brooks College publishes study on teacher empathy in higher education
A research study conducted by the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics on the importance of teacher empathy in higher education was recently published. The findings support the theory that contextual factors among students can play a significant role in how instructor empathy is perceived and highlight how instructor empathy can have a significant impact on students including fostering a more positive university experience and success both inside and outside of the classroom. Read more about the study.

UNF leadership program hosts training events for PGA TOUR and First Tee Scholars
The Taylor Leadership Institute (TLI) recently hosted two leadership training events for the PGA TOUR and First Tee Scholars program. The First Tee Scholars program participated in Leadership Day on UNF’s campus. The program challenged the First Tee collegiate student leaders from around the country to work together on team-building exercises at UNF’s Osprey Challenge Course at Eco Adventure as well as leadership training activities facilitated by TLI faculty and students. Learn more about the leadership training events.

Free things to do in September at UNF

Shervone Neckles Bless This House art exhibitMOCA Jacksonville presents Shervone Neckles ‘Bless This House’
Opening Reception: Saturday, Sept. 3, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., UNF Gallery at MOCA; Exhibition on display through Sunday, March 5
The title of the exhibition, “Bless This House,” is inspired by the song by the same name, whose version by New Orleans gospel singer Mahalia Jackson was often played at the East Flatbush, Brooklyn house Shervone Neckles grew up in. Neckles is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, community worker, and artist advocate who uses repurposed materials and Afro-Caribbean sensibilities to retell histories and mythologies. Learn more about the exhibition online.

First Wednesday Art Walk
Wednesday, Sept. 7, 5 – 9 p.m., MOCA Jacksonville
You’re invited to bring your family, friends and co-workers to a self-guided tour of Downtown’s Northbank. See current exhibitions, take part in free community art projects for all ages and explore the world of contemporary art. Learn more online.

Malcolm TurnbullDistinguished Voices Lecture Series: ‘China: The Asia-Pacific Struggle for Control’
Wednesday, Sept. 14, 7 p.m., Lazzara Performance Hall
Malcolm Turnbull, the former prime minister of Australia, will visit for a special lecture on the growing influence of China and the impact of China’s emergence on the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. In addition to politics, his notable career also spans journalism, law, entrepreneurship and investment banking. UNF partners with the World Affairs Council of Jacksonville to bring distinguished speakers to campus. Register for a free e-ticket online.

Faculty Recital
Friday, Sept. 16, 6:30 p.m., Recital Hall of the Fine Arts Center
Features Dr. Andrea Venet, associate professor of percussion, with special guest Paige DeDecker. Find more concerts online.

Gary SmartFaculty Recital
Sunday, Sept. 18, 3 p.m., Recital Hall of the Fine Arts Center
The 'Potpourri' features Dr. Gary Smart, professor of piano, composition and improvisation, with music by Mozart, Liszt, Debussy and solo piano improvisations. Find more concerts online.

Cummer Family Foundation Chamber Music Series
Presents Classical Faculty Scholarship Concert
Tuesday, Sept. 20, 7:30 p.m., Recital Hall of the Fine Arts Center
Dr. James Hall, Artistic Director. Find more concerts online.

50th Anniversary Speaker Series Event
‘UNF’s Aerial Footprint, 50 Years of Land Use Change’
Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2 – 3:30 p.m., Thomas G. Carpenter Library
Dr. Christopher Baynard and Dr. Robert D. Richardson will present with graduate students Christian Hobbs and Chris Wilson. This project examines the growth of UNF at the landscape level over the past 50 years using available satellite imagery and air photos, as well as kite, balloon and pole aerial photography. In addition to the campus’ expanding footprint over time, land-use patterns are also examined and calculated to generate a better understanding of UNF’s development. Register online for this event.

50th Anniversary Logo50th Anniversary Speaker Series Event
‘Striving for a Greener, More Diverse Institution’
Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2 – 3:30 p.m., Thomas G. Carpenter Library
Dr. Charles Closmann, associate professor of history, will moderate a panel including Dr. David Courtwright, former professor of history, Emeritus, former Presidential Scholar, and Dr. Radha Pyati, former UNF professor of chemistry, former president of UNF Faculty Association, and currently dean of Arts and Sciences at West Chester University. For this event, Dr. Closmann will highlight the environmental history of UNF, and the university’s efforts in recent years to address diversity and inclusion among students, faculty and staff. Register online to attend this event.

Distinguished Lecturer Dr. Massimo Osanna
Thursday, Sept. 29, 7 – 8:30 p.m., Adam W. Herbert University Center
Dr. Massimo Osanna has been called “the man who saved Pompeii,” as he led the most extensive excavations at the famous site since World War II. He was director of the Archeological Park of Pompeii for seven years and was named director general of Italian State Museums in 2020. He is also a professor of classical archaeology at the University Federico II of Naples.

Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage MonthHere at UNF, we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month each year from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. The significance of this date range relates to the independence observances of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile and Belize. Celebrations held throughout the month detail the history and achievements of Hispanic people.

For additional resources and information regarding National Hispanic Heritage Month, view the library's online display.

Faculty and Staff News

Osprey FountainBrooks College of Health
Teresa Steele, APRN, is a nurse practitioner in Student Health Services. Steele has been volunteering, along with her husband, for mission work for over 30 years. Read more about her international medical aid experience in Spinnaker online.

Dr. Lauri Wright, associate professor; Dr. Jen Ross, assistant professor; Dr. Leslie Van Horn, research associate; and Caroline Freiria, from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, published “Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Food and Nutrition Security among Older Adults: A Qualitative Perspective” in the Journal of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology. 2022. 8:133.

Coggin College of Business
Dr. Timothy Bell, professor of accounting, is the 2022 recipient of the Don Herrmann Distinguished Accounting Ph.D. Alumni Award. Read more about this notable accounting distinction.

College of Arts and Sciences
Art, Art History, and Design
D. Lance Vickery, assistant professor of sculpture, and Jenny K. Hager, professor of sculpture, created the “American Saddlebred" sculpture for Shelbyville Welcome and Tourism Center, Shelbyville, Kentucky, which was installed Aug. 6, 2021. They also presented Invited Artists Talk, “International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art,” International Sculpture Network, July 4, 2022. In addition, Vickery and Hager participated in the Atelierhaus Hilmsen Residency in Hilsen, Germany. Per event’s web description: “Through partnerships with American and international institutions, Atelierhaus Hilmsen supports the education and professional development of artists and scholars from around the world with an emphasis in the arts and humanities. Residents come together to create and research in complete freedom, unmediated by external distractions. Atelierhaus Hilmsen selects artists and scholars of varying disciplines regardless of age, sex or nationality to experience an unforgettable place of creativity and mystery. Through the alchemy of diversity, spacious studios and the wondrous environment of Hilmsen, the Atelierhaus becomes a channel for deeper understanding across cultures and perspectives as well as a catalyst for spontaneous collaborative projects. July 2022.

Jenny K. Hager, professor of sculpture, participated the Juried International Exhibition, Calculations: Units and Measurements at the Alte Rathaus and Heidecksburg, Rudolstadt, Thüringennd, July – Aug. 2022.

Stephen Heywood, professor of ceramics, participated in the National Invitation Juried Exhibition Cheers! Drink UP! Commonwheel Gallery, Manitou Springs, Colorado, July 2022. 

Dr. Bryan Knuckley
, associate professor of chemistry, Dr. Fatima Rehman, biology lecturer, and Dr. Corey Causey, associate professor of chemistry, published “A peptoid-based inhibitor of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 1 (PRMT1) induces apoptosis and autophagy in cancer cells” in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, August 2022. 

Knuckley also presented “A peptoid-based inhibitor of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 1 (PRMT1)” at the 11th Peptoid Summit, August 2022.

Dr. Betsy Nies, associate professor, published “A Speculative Return to Africa: Remembering Slavery in Tracy Baptiste’s The Rise of the Jumbies” in Children's Literature in Education, July 2022.

Marcus Pactor, associate instructor, published "'There Was Always Something More I Had to Know': An Interview with Gabriel Blackwell" in Heavy Feather Review, July 2022.

Will Pewitt, instructor, published original translations of four Classical Arabic poems by Fāṭimah bint Muḥammad in The Oxford Anthology of Translation, July 2022. 

Dr. W. Brian Lane, instructor of physics, and Cortney Headley published “Student representations of a community of practice,” Phys. Rev. Phys. Educ. Res. 18, 020110, August 2022.

Dr. Dominik Güss
, professor, with his colleague Dietrich Dörner, published “Human error in complex problem solving and dynamic decision making: A taxonomy of 24 errors and a theory” in Computers in Human Behavior Reports, Vol.7, pp.100222, August 2022.

Dr. Jody Nicholson, associate professor, published “Review and meta-analysis for the caregiver’s feeding styles questionnaire administered to low-income families” in Eating Behaviors, Vol.46, p.101659, August 2022. The publication is coauthored by three UNF undergraduates. 

Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Jennifer Barr, instructor and director of the Bachelor of Social Work Program, presented "Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders: Debunking Myths and Building Clinical Competency" at the annual Florida National Association of Social Workers conference in Orlando, June 2022.

Dr. Jacqueline Meier, assistant professor of anthropology, and her colleagues published a chapter in the book “Updating Neanderthals: Understanding Behavioural Complexity in the Late Middle Palaeolithic.” Meier also published an addendum to the article “Why so serious? An Extraordinary Cone Shell Group from Mycenae and the Problem of Identifying Mycenaean Board Gaming Material,” in the Journal of Board Game Studies with Vassiliki Pliatsika of the National Archaeology Museum of Greece.

College of Education and Human Services
Dr. Mark Halley, assistant professor of ASL/English Interpreting in EDIE, and Dr. Dawn Wessling, associate instructor in EDIE, published, with Stephanie Sargent, MS: ASL/English Interpreting alum, an article in the latest issue of the Journal of Interpretation. In "Virtual and Viral: Shifts in Signed Language Interpreter Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic," they employed survey methodology to explore how interpreter educators responded to the pandemic. Read the article online.

Dr. David Hoppey, associate professor and program director, and Dr. Katrina Hall, associate professor, will be the new co-editors for "School-University Partnerships," as announced by the NAPDS Publication Committee. They will be joined by Dr. Megan Lynch as lead associate editor and Drs. Rachelle Curcio, Jennifer Kilpatrick, Raven Robinson and Elizabeth Hale Rozas as associate editors. This new team of editors will begin transitioning into their new roles in September and will serve a four-year term. Learn more about the team of editors.

Dr. Brian Zoellner, associate professor, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum 
COEHS and the Northeast Florida Center for STEM Education, in partnership with the National Science Foundation, through financial support from the Teaching Educators Computational Thinking (TECt) grant, supported seven Duval County School District high school teachers over the summer of 2022 to collaboratively develop professional development modules centered on preparing future computer science teachers for the competencies required for the Florida K-12 computer science certification exam.

On Saturday, Aug. 20, as part of the Fellowship for the Advancement of Computational Thinking (FACT), these teaching fellows presented their professional development modules to their colleagues with a mission of increasing access to and adoption of computer science across the curriculum within the schools of northeast Florida. In the coming months, the TECt team of Dr. Terrie Galanti, Xavier Rozas, and Dr. Brian Zoellner will continue to develop these modules and make them available to interested teachers.


UNF Balloons for DatelineMilestones
Congratulations to the following employees with a milestone anniversary in September:
30 Years
Pansy Tapper, Associate Director TSI Accounting, Training and Services Institute
25 Years
Philip Geist, Senior Coordinator Small Business Consulting, Small Business Development Center
Cathy O'Farrell, Director Office of Academic Support and Information Services, COEHS Advising
20 Years
Angela Gibson, Assistant Director Contracts Grants, ORSP
15 Years
Keith Ashley, Associate Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
10 Years
Kellie Cosner, Assistant Director, Fine Arts Center
Stefanie Levine, Coordinator, Classification and Compensation, Human Resources
Frank Goodin, Instructor, School of Communication
Artis Hartley, Maintenance Mechanic, Maintenance and Energy Management
John Mark, Manager, Student Financial Services, Controller
5 Years
Stephen Farris, Law Enforcement Sergeant, University Police Department
Karen Livingston, Law Enforcement Officer, University Police Department
Anne-Marie Campbell, Director Development College, Development Officers
Debra Depto-Hoffman, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
The following employees were either hired by UNF or were promoted from OPS positions recently:
Alex Achorn, Coordinator, Marketing and Publications, Alumni Engagement
Shelletta Baker, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Courtney Boise, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Amber Brown, Lecturer, Biology
Jarod Brown, IT Software Engineer, Enterprise Systems
Myron Brown, Basketball Operations Director, Women's Basketball
Franco Cafiero, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Guilherme Cesar, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Jessica Chandras, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Andrea Gaytan Cuesta, Assistant Professor, Languages Literatures and Cultures
Rachelle Curcio, Assistant Professor, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum
Claire Darnell, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Trainer
James Demps, Career Coach Coordinator, University Housing
Debra Depto-Hoffman, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Jeremy Dioses, Coordinator Residence Life, Crossings
Michele Donaldson, Instructor, Political Science and Public Administration
Sarah Duncan, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Carlos Fernandez-Aballi, Instructor, Mechanical Engineering
Charles Fitzsimmons, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Donna Flanders, Instructor, Exceptional Deaf and Interpreter Education
Lei Gao, Assistant Professor, Accounting and Finance
Gary Glassman, Instructor, Political Science and Public Administration
Jocelyn Gonzalez, Visiting Instructor, Nursing
Melissa Halloran, Visiting Instructor, English
Jamie Hardy, Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Jasmine Haynes, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Mindy Herrick, Office Manager, Taylor Leadership Institute
Myda Iamiceli, Assistant Professor, Art, Art History, and Design
Ezra Imes, Coordinator Residence Life, Crossings
Alice Ahyea Jo, Instructor, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum
Kyle Johannes, Broadcast Manager, Video Production
Madison Jones, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Scott Jones, Assistant Professor, Biology
Willis Jones, Instructor, Chemistry
Aakrit Joshi, Assistant Professor, Economics
Randy Lee, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Moez Limayem, UNF President
Jennifer Lindemann, Lecturer, Biology
Charles Major, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Jillian McClure, Assistant Professor, History
Kevin Mea, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Nikki Mejido, Intramural and Sport Program Coordinator, Student Wellness Complex
William Montford, Assistant Professor, Marketing and Logistics
Samantha Murray, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Trainer
Cynthia Norenberg, Instructor, Accounting and Finance
Dorsey Olbrich, Instructor, English
Raine Osborne, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Kerrigan Padgett, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Nikita Parker, Assistant General Counsel, General Counsel
Kevin Pfeil, Assistant Professor, School of Computing
Arlissa Pinkelton, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Rene Francisco Poitevin, Director Intercultural Center, Department of Diversity Initiatives
Megan Porter, Assistant Director, Pay Leave Records, Human Resources
Dylan Randazzo, Program Assistant, University Housing
Rachel Riggs, Assistant Professor, Communication
Emily Rigsby, Instructor, Chemistry
Justin Rogers, Assistant Professor, History
Eulogio Romero, Assistant Professor, History
Manob Saikia, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Agnès Schaffauser, Assistant Professor, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Vilens Senat, IT Software Engineer, Enterprise Systems
Myesha Senior, Clinical Research Associate, Psychology
Seema Shekhawat, Assistant Professor, Political Science and Public Administration
Deborah Sherwood, Visiting Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Wanzhu Shi, Assistant Professor, Political Science and Public Administration
Scott Shoemaker, Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance and Energy Management
Kailan Sindelar, Assistant Professor, English
Joshua Slattery, Instructor, Physics
Alexandra Slemaker, Assistant Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Marie Smith-East, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Myung OK Song-Ross, Visiting Instructor, Music
John Speirs, Assistant Professor, Physics
Sushilkumar Sreekumar, Instructor, Physics
Jessica Stark, Assistant Professor, English
Kaveri Subrahmanyam, Dean, Arts and Sciences
Benjamin Swanson, Instructor, Mechanical Engineering
Michaela Tashjian, Instructor, English
Doyle Tate, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Matthew Thomas, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Inga Timmerman, Professor, Accounting and Finance
Danielle Tipley, Lecturer, Biology
Jacob Wan, Instructor, Art, Art History, and Design
Melissa Weaver, Instructor, School of Communication
Dione Thomas Webber, Assistant Professor, Leadership, School Counseling and Sport Management
Kathryn White, Psychologist, Counseling Center
Wendy White, Visiting Instructor, Nursing
Kayla Whitehead, University Librarian, Library
Beryl White-Bing, Assistant University Librarian, Library
Katherine Woolard, Visiting Instructor, Nursing
Zhigang Xie, Assistant Professor, Public Health
Kelsey Yetsko, Lecturer, Biology
Logan Yost, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Trainer
Robert Zhan, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics

Great Job
The following employees were promoted recently:
Cigdem Akan, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
Keith Ashley, Associate Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Courtney Azzari, Associate Professor, Marketing and Logistics
Stephanie Boilard, Coordinator, Library Systems, Library
Michelle Boling, Professor, Clinical and Applied Movement Science
Lou Broder, Coordinator IT Support, Service Management
Elena Buzaianu, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
Chiradip Chatterjee, Associate Professor, Economics
Justin Crandall, Assistant Director ELP, English Language Program
Michelle DeDeo, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
Ayan Dutta, Associate Professor, School of Computing
Nathaniel Farley, Telecomm Tech III, Hardware / Software (Cyberinfrastructure)
Ashley Faulkner, Associate Instructor, English
Daniel Feinberg, Associate University Librarian, Library
Jose Franco, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
Rachel Frieder, Associate Professor, Management
James Gelsleichter, Professor, Biology
Gregory Grant, Assistant Director SBDC, Small Business Development Center
Tru Leverette Hall, Professor, English
Katie Haft, Coordinator Academic Support Services, Psychology
Laura Heffernan, Professor, English
Michael Holmes, Assistant Director Endpoint Management, DL - ITS
Stephanie Howell, Legal Assistant Paralegal, General Counsel
Aiyin Jiang, Professor, Construction Management
Jennifer Kilpatrick, Associate Professor, Exceptional Deaf and Interpreter Education
Andrew Kozlowski, Associate Professor, Art, Art History, and Design
Kadesh Lauridsen, Associate Instructor, English
Adrienne Lerner, Associate Instructor, Political Science and Public Admininstration
Yuanlong Liao, Coordinator IT Support, Service Management
Xudong Liu, Associate Professor, School of Computing
Jean Lipsky, Assistant Director Student Philosophy and English, Annual Giving
Kristina Lopez-Smith, Associate Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Hannah Malcolm, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Krista Markwardt, Associate Director ES Planning, ES Planning and Operations
Samuel Mathies, Associate Instructor, Communication
Traci Mathies, Associate Instructor, Communication
Sarah Mattice, Chair, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Nilufer Ozdemir, Associate Professor, Economics
Sinyoung Park, Associate Professor, Health Administration
Mohammad Rahman, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
John Reis, Senior Associate General Counsel, General Counsel
Kristen Roof, Associate Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics
Daniel Santavicca, Professor, Physics
Madison Smith, Student Affairs Coordinator, SG Business and Accounting Office
Tyler Stahl, Assistant Athletic Coach, Men's CC/Track
Elizabeth Stotz-Potter, Associate Lecturer, Biology
David Swanson, Professor, Marketing and Logistics
Kassie Terrell, Associate Professor, Public Health
Heather Barnes Truelove, Professor, Psychology
Allie Wade, Social Media Coordinator, Marketing and Communications
Maitri Warusawithana, Associate Professor, Physics
Hope Wilson, Professor, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum
Jessica Wingate, Assistant Director, Creative Services, Marketing and Communications
Chris Wrenn, Deputy General Counsel
Pamela Zeiser, Professor, Political Science and Public Admininstration
Justin Zhang, Associate Professor, Management

The following employees have left UNF recently:
Carol Akai, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Nicole Andreoni, Assistant Professor, Art, Art History, and Design
Dillon Arthur, Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics
Mitra Asgarinik, Instructional Designer, Distance Learning Fee
Kiersten Barnes, Assistant Director, Educational Services, MOCA Jacksonville
Priscilla Berry, Adjunct, English
Felicia Boyd, Lecturer, Physics
Christy Brown, Mental Health Counselor, Counseling Center
Margaret Brown, Assistant Director, Student Academic Support Services, Undergraduate Studies
Andrew Buchwalter, Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Pamela Chally, Professor and Interim President
Jason Collins, Academic Advisor, COAS Advising
Paul Crittenden, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
Madonna Anne Crowthers, Instructor, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum
Ellie Denison, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Studies
Michelle DiStefano, Assistant Professor, Political Science and Public Administration
Cheryl Frohlich, Professor, Accounting and Finance
Trevon Gale, Recycle Refuse Worker, Recycle
James Garner, Professor, Arts and Sciences
Madison Herrin, Parking Services Super, Parking and Transportation Services
Anna Claire Hodge, Instructor, English
Muna Ibrahim, Custodial Worker, Osprey Fountains
Dylan Johnson, Postdoctoral Associate, Chemistry
Johnny Jones, Instructor, Sociology Anthropology and Social Work
Medhat Khedr, Lecturer, Chemistry
Justin Lovins, Assistant Director Operations, DL-UNF Online
Natalie Mack, Document Scanning Associate, Registrar's Office
Brenda Maxey-Billings, Instructor, English
Michael McCardle, Professor, Marketing and Logistics
Brenda McClary, Coordinator, Special Events, Alumni Engagement
Annette Morton, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Trainer
Megan Northcut, Academic Advisor, BCH Advising
Kyle Pena, Data Scientist, Strategic Analytics
Alec Pequignot, Groundskeeper, Physical Facilities
Scott Piersall, Instructor, Civil Engineering
Cortney Radke, Assistant Athletic Coach, Softball
Aleris Roa, Child Development Teacher, UNF Preschool
Jayne De La Rosa, Child Development Teacher, UNF Preschool
Connie Roush, Associate Professor, Nursing
Nicole Shervington, Associate Director, One-Stop
Enrijeta Shino, Instructor, Political Science and Public Administration
Virginia Smith, Program Assistant, University Center
Akila Starr, Coordinator Residence Life, The Flats
Sydney Stoltenberg, Admissions Coordinator TL, Transfer Student Services
Alina Syed, Office Manager, Music
Madison Turner, Admissions Coordinator TL, Transfer Student Services
Ju'Coby Todd Washington, Director, Student Financial Aid Procurement, Financial Aid Office
Cynthia White-Williams, Associate Professor, Health Administration
Miranda Whitlow, Admissions Processing Specialist, Enrollment Services Processing Office
Carl Williams, Irrigation Technician, Physical Facilities
Sydney Wissinger, Coordinator, MedNexus

Swoop Summary

904 weekend save the date flyer904 Weekend 2022 Focuses on "Fueling the Pursuit Initiative"
North Florida Athletics launched its initiative for 904 Weekend - 2022, with the focus put on fundraising for nutritional services and counseling for UNF student-athletes. Learn more about this initiative.

Women's Golf Brings in Idaho Transfer, Helen Zhou
North Florida women's golf adds its second transfer of the summer by signing Hong-Hong "Helen" Zhou from the University of Idaho. She will be the first student-athlete in program history to be a native of China and the second from an Asian country. Learn more about women's golf's newest addition.

Men's Basketball season tickets on sale now more details to the leftMen's Basketball Season Tickets on Sale for 22-23
Fans now have a chance to reserve their men's basketball season tickets for the 2022-23 year as the UNF Arena experiences its first year with exciting updates to the facility. Learn more about purchasing season tickets.

North Florida Athletics Offers NOCAP Sports to Assist With NIL
North Florida Athletics announces that its student-athletes have access to NOCAP Sports, a premiere service in aiding collegiate student-athletes in enhancing their opportunities in the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) market. Learn more about NOCAP Sports and how it benefits student-athletes.

Nathan Jubran Named ASUN Male Student-Athlete of the Year
Nathan Jubran was awarded ASUN Male Student-Athlete of the Year honors as announced by the conference on Friday, Aug. 12. Jubran is the first Osprey to collect this honor from the ASUN for the cross country and track and field programs. Learn more about Jubran's award-winning season.

Women's Basketball Welcomes Myron Brown as Director of Operations
North Florida women's basketball welcomes its new director of operations Myron Brown, a Michigan native who brings in nearly two decades of experience in high school and collegiate basketball. Brown most recently served as the head women's basketball coach at the NAIA institution, Thomas College, in Thomasville, Georgia. Learn more about Myron.

Florida's Virtual Campus

Florida Virtual Campus logoKudos to Information Technology Services and the Library for fully integrating UNF resources into the Florida VirtualCampus platform and for being among the first state universities to do so! The Florida Virtual Campus is a suite of centralized services that supports all public colleges and universities in the state, providing free access to library resources, admissions information, career planning tools and more. Florida Virtual Campus aims to help students prepare and succeed in college. UNF is one of only three state universities to offer full connectivity to a wide range of resources!

Learn more about Florida’s Virtual Campus.

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Student Union BannerThe Princeton Review ranks UNF among ‘Best in the Southeast’ for 2023

For 14 years running, the University of North Florida has been placed on the “Best in the Southeast” list by The Princeton Review. For 2023, UNF shares the honor with only 143 colleges and universities in the 12 Southeastern states that also made the list.

Selections are based on data collected from its survey of thousands of currently enrolled students and administrators, staff visits to the schools and the perspectives of college counselors and advisors whose opinions the company solicits. UNF students surveyed shared that “students get an excellent education, for a terrifically low tuition, by knowledgeable and caring instructors,” that they feel prepared “for opportunities in the professional world,” and the university “accommodates a wide variety of students, from those interested in out-of-class activities to serious research scholars.” Students also noted that “cultural diversity seems to be celebrated by students and faculty,” and that “students can feel free to be themselves and express themselves accordingly.” Read more about the ranking.

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