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Fine Arts Center

Lazzara Performance Hall

The 1,300 seat Lazzara Performance Hall is named for Gasper and Irene Lazzara, prominent civic leaders who donated $1.25 million to the performance hall's funding.

The fully-equipped theater is outfitted with state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment and has excellent acoustics. It is the second largest stage in the North Florida community, and is the ideal venue for any type of event including concerts, lectures, meetings, theatrical productions and special events of all kinds.

Please view the technical specs to learn more about Lazzara Performance Hall's equipment and capabilities.

The adjoining lobby is home high ceilings, abundant natural light, two concession areas, contemporary furnishings, modern lighting accents and an intriguing sculpture installation entitled Aurora, by artist Tim Curtis. It's an ideal place for receptions, artist meet and greets, silent auctions and merchandise sales.

Seating Gallery

View from Lazzara Performance Hall Seats
All seats View from Back Balcony
View of all seats from Back Balcony
Center stage view
View from Center Seats
left side view of lazzara
View from Left Side
Mezzanine View from the Right side
View from Right Side
View from left side Mezzanine
View from Mezzanine Left
view of the stage
Stage View
View of a Reception Setup on stage
Reception Setup View
Recpetion set up on stage view from balcony
Reception view from balcony

Dressing Rooms

View of Lazzara Performance Hall Dressing Rooms
View of a large Dressing room
Dressing room - Large
View of a medium Dressing room
Dressing room - Medium
Opposite view of a medium Dressing room
Dressing room - Medium
View of a small Dressing room
Dressing room - Small
view of the green room
Green Room
View of the Green Room Kitchen and Bathroom
Green Room Kitchen and Bathroom

Past Events

View of past events at the Lazzara Performance Hall
boom lighting on a dance performance
Dance performance with boom lighting
dexter jackson classic setup
View from Center Seats
Florida Ballet performing Alice on stage
Florida Ballet Alice
Florida Ballet performing Alice
View from Right Side
Generation W stage set
Generation W
Jersey College Graduation setup
Jersey College Graduation
setup for the Inauguration of the President
President Inauguration
Ken Burns reception
Reception view from balcony

Seating Chart

First Floor

Seating chart for Lazzara Performance Hall Orchestra and Mezzanine

First Floor seating capacity:

  • Orchestra section: 552 (314 center, 119 per side)
  • Mezzanine section: 215 (111 center, 52 per side)
  • Orchestra Pit 57: (These are not fixed seats and are installed as needed.)
  • Loge 24*: (12 per side)

First Floor Total: 848

Second Floor

Balcony seating chart for Lazzara Performance Hall

Second Floor Seating Capacity:

  • Balcony section: 490 (326 center, 82 per side)
  • Loge 28*: (14 per side)

Second Floor Total: 848

Total Seating Capacity for Lazzara Performance Hall: 1,360

Technical Specifications

  • Seating Capacity
    Orchestra: 552 (314 center, 119 per side)
    Mezzanine: 215 (111 center, 52 per side)
    Orchestra Pit: 57 (These are not fixed seats and are installed as needed.)
    Loge: 24* (12 per side)

    First Floor Total: 848

    Balcony: 490 (326 center, 82 per side)
    Loge: 28* (14 per side)
    Second Floor Total: 518

    TOTAL SEATING: 1,360

  • Loading Dock

    The loading dock is located behind the Robinson Theater (Building 14A), where building connects to the Fine Arts Center (Building 45). The dock is shared between Robinson Theater and Lazzara Performance Hall. There are two bays, and one side is equipped with a dock leveler. The dock measures 3 feet, 3 inches high with 2443 square feet of receiving room. Each loading door is 10 feet wide by 12 feet high.

    The dock area is adjacent to a circular driveway that allows turning space for buses and large trucks. The dock is typically accessible via Lot 12, which is the parking lot for Osprey Village residence hall complex, which is located behind the Fine Arts Center. The dock is also accessible via the driveway that runs along the perimeter of the Fine Arts Center Parking Garage (Garage 44), which dead-ends behind the Fine Arts Center at the loading dock. If access is blocked due to construction or other activities, the technical director will notify clients in advance.
  • Shop
    At the current time, the shop area is not fully outfitted. Please contact the tech director to discuss individual needs.
  • Bus & Truck Parking
    Limited bus & truck parking is available with advance notice. Please contact tech director to arrange for parking.
  • Wardrobe
    There is one room, specifically dedicated to wardrobe purposes (1812). This room is outfitted with one washer, one dryer, one jiffy steamer, 1 iron, and 1 ironing board. Also, there are many rolling racks available in all of the backstage areas.
  • Dressing Rooms
    There are five dressing rooms available for use. There are 2 choral dressing rooms (1805 & 1808), each of which can accommodate 15-20 performers, 1 solo dressing room (1817), and 1 auxiliary dressing room (1819) which can accommodate 15-20 performers, all interconnected in the back hallway (1818). There is one other solo dressing room located off stage left (1317). All dressing rooms have private bath with one shower each, with the exception of 1819.
  • Other Rooms
    There is one green room (1802) with kitchenette attached (1804). The kitchenette has a full size refrigerator, microwave, and range. The green room is outfitted with a full set of furniture and a conference table.
  • Stage Specifications
    STAGE FLOOR: Tongue and groove wood floor, painted black
    GRID HEIGHT: 68’ 7”
    STEEL HEIGHT: 78’ 8”
    Upper Load Gallery: 68’ 7”
    Lower Load Gallery: 57’ 4”
    Stage Left Pin rail: 34’ 7”
    Stage Right Pin rail: 34’ 7”
    STAGE DEPTH: 40’
    STAGE WIDTH: 104’
    Center to Stage Right Edge: 53’
    Center to Stage Left Edge: 51’
    APRON DEPTH: 4’ 11”
    APRON WIDTH: 69’
    PIT DEPTH: 12’
    PIT WIDTH: 65’
    PIT LEVELS: (in relation to stage floor)
    Stage Level: 0’
    House Level: 4’
    Orchestra Level: 10’
  • Rigging Specifications


    GRID HEIGHT: 68’ 7”
    MAX WEIGHT PER ARBOR: 2000 lbs.
    2 MOTORIZED LADDER TAB PIPES: 4 ladders per pipe, 1 per side
  • Orchestra Clouds
    There are 3 permanent motorized orchestra shell ceiling panels located at 8’ 5”, 18’ 6”, and 28’ 6” (measured upstage from plaster line).
  • Lineset Schedule

    Stage opening is 45’ from wing to wing.

    0'-0" Plaster Line
    FC 0'-3" Fire Curtain
    1 1'-5" Valance
    2 2'-10" House Curtain
    3 3'-6" Legs 1
    4 4'-0"
    5 4'-6" XXXXXXXXXX
    6 5'-6" 1st Electric
    7 6'-6" XXXXXXXXXX
    8 7'-0"
    9 7'-6"
    10 8'-5" Orch. Shell #1 N/A
    11 9'-6" Mirror Ball Seasonal
    12 10'-6" Border 2
    13 11'-0" Legs 2
    14 11'-6"
    15 12'-0"
    16 12'-6" XXXXXXXXXX
    17 13'-0 2nd Electric
    18 13'-6" XXXXXXXXXX
    19 14'-0"
    20 14'-6"
    21 15'-0"
    22 15'-6"
    23 16'-0"
    24 16'-6" Projection Screen 11’H x 17’W
    25 17'-0" Border 3
    26 17'-6" Legs 3
    27 18'-6" Orch. Shell #2 N/A
    28 19'-6"
    29 20'-6" Mid stage Traveler
    30 21'-6" XXXXXXXXXX
    31 22'-0" 3 Electric
    32 22'-6" XXXXXXXXXX
    33 23'-0"
    34 23'-6"
    35 24'-0"
    36 24'-6" Border 4
    37 25'-0" Leg 4
    38 25'-6"
    39 26'-6"
    40 28'-6" Orch. Shell #3 N/A
    41 29'-6" XXXXXXXXX
    42 30'-6" 4 Electric
    43 31'-0" XXXXXXXXX
    44 31'-6"
    45 32'-0" Border 5
    46 33'-0" Leg 5
    47 33'-6" Black Scrim 30’H x 72’W
    48 34'-0" XXXXXXXXXX
    49 35'-0" CYC Electric
    50 35'-6" XXXXXXXXXX
    51 36'-0"
    52 36'-6"
    53 37'-0" Black Back 35’H x 48’W
    54 37'-6"
    55 38'-0" Cyclorama 35’H x 72’W
    40'-0" Back Wall
  • Soft Goods
    1 Blue House Curtain 72’W x 45’H
    1 Blue House Valance 72’W x 16’H
    7 Black Velour Borders 72’W x 16’H
    12 Black Velour Legs 12’W x 35’H
    8 Black Velour Legs 8’W x 35’H
    1 White Seamless Bounce 45’ 9”W x 28’H
    1 White Seamless Cyc 35h x 72w
    1 Black Sharks tooth Scrim 30h x 72w
    1 Full Stage Traveler Black (split at center) 35h x 72w
  • Lighting System

    ETC ION console
    2 Universal Fader Wings 2x20
    1 wireless Hand Held Focus Remote
    ETC Expression 3 console
    ETC 48-96 console 1 wireless Hand Held Focus Remote 

    ETC Sensor
    2.4K Dimmers 280
    6K Dimmers 4
  • Power Distribution

    There are (3) 400A, 3 Phase Company Switches located Upstage Right. And (3) 100A, Company Switches 1 down stage left 1 down stage right and one up stage right. These switches are outfitted with direct Cam lock connectors with 2 neutrals and ground and neutral reversed. No tails are necessary.

    There is (1) 400A, 3 Phase Company Switch available for buses. This Company Switch is identical to the switches on stage.
  • Theater Dimensions

    1st Catwalk
    16’ from plaster line (above pit edge)
    Lower rail—43’ above stage floor
    Upper rail—46’ above stage floor

    2nd Catwalk
    22’6” from pit edge (curved as pit), center is 38’6” from plaster line
    Lower rail—43’ above stage floor
    Upper rail—46’ above stage floor

    3rd Catwalk
    49’ from pit edge (curved as pit), center is 65’ from plaster line
    Lower rail—43’ above stage floor
    Upper rail—46’ above stage floor
    Spots sit in center of this cat

    Balcony Rail
    49’ from pit edge (curved as pit), center is 65’ from plaster line
    Rail—15’ above stage floor

  • Audio
    • Yamaha M7CL-48
    • NEXO amp processing and line arrays with removeable ground-stacked subwoofers
    • Rhenkus Heinz Monitor boxes with QSC power amps (citation needed)
    • Up to 8 monitor mixes available on and backstage
    • Clear-com party line communication system with beltpacks and headsets as needed
    • SHURE ULXD wireless microphone system
    • An extensive microphone inventory with various condenser and dynamic microphones
    • High quality microphone stands
    • Powered and unpowered hotspot monitors
    • Small/medium portable full range sound system
    • Listen Systems assistive listening devices (nomenclature?)
    • iMac FOH playback computer with Qlab basic license and SHURE wireless workbench.
    • Rackmount CD player for playback at FOH
    • All necessary microphone and monitor cable for full system implementation
    • Various adapters and audio problem solvers
  • Miscellaneous Rental Gear

    Orchestra Equipment
    75 Wenger Orchestra Chairs
    70 Music Stands
    30 Articulated Music Stand lamp
    160 Blue Versa Seating Chairs

    40 6’ Tables
    7 5’ Round Tables
    30 6’ Rounds
    12 32” High Boys

    1 9’ Yamaha Concert Grand

    3 Non –Powered Podiums in an array of wood colors.

    LED Lights
    11 Chauvet COLORdash Batten- Quad 6
    2 Chauvet COLORdash Par Hex 12IP
    9 Divine RGB Pars

    2 Panasonic PT-EZ770ZU** 6500 lumens
    Panasonic PT-DW5100** 5,000 lumens
    EIKI EIP-HDT30 ** 8,000 lumens