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Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services Leadership

Dr. Glen Besterfield
Dean, Enrollment Management
Anissa Agne
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Financial Aid
Meghan Hull
Associate Director, Enrollment Services Administration and Budgets

Financial Aid

Marla Lewis
Director, Student Financial Aid Processing  
Maris Brien
Associate Director, Student Financial Aid
Jessica Phillips
Associate Director, Student Financial Aid

Scholarship and Strategic Initiative

Will Hunter
Director, Scholarships and Strategic Initiatives
Monica Stam  
Associate Director, Student Financial Aid 
Tara Torres
Assistant Director, Student Financial Aid

One-Stop Student Services

Brett Butler
DirectorOne-Stop Student Services 
Sean Alexandar
Associate DirectorOne-Stop Student Services 
Gayle Stillson
Assistant Director, One-Stop Student Services 

Enrollment Services Planning and Operations

Rosalind Dexter-Harris
Director, Enrollment Services Planning and Operations
Krista Markwardt
Associate Director, Enrollment Services Planning and Operations

Office of Admissions

Terry Evans
Director, Admissions
Emma Reynolds
Associate Director, Admissions
Latonio Nichols 
Assistant Director of Admissions

Welcome Center

Gabriela Vargas Uribe 
Associate Director, Welcome Center
Aleyna Caras
Assistant Director, Events

Enrollment Services Processing

DeAnna Irvin 
Director, Enrollment Services Processing
Ameera Ayubi 
Associate Director, Enrollment Services Processing

Records and Registration

Chad Learch 
University Registrar and Director, Records and Registration
Jillian Gooding
Associate Registrar
Marc Berkovitz
Associate Director, Records and Registration
Angela Tlack
Assistant Registrar
Beth Strogoff
Assistant Director
Jenny Johnson
Assistant Director, Records and Registration

Enrollment Services Communications

Melissa Blankenship
Director, Enrollment Services Communications
Igor Tavuzhnyanskiy
Assistant Director, Enrollment Services Communications