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English Language Program

Intensive English Language Program Overview

This program offers:
  • A year-round schedule with Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters
  • Six levels of instruction: Beginning, High-Beginning, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, Advanced, and Pre-University
  • 22 hours of intensive instruction per week
  • Small class sizes of 12-16 students
  • Cultural experiences: Field trips, volunteer opportunities, and UNF students as conversation partners

How to Apply

  1. Complete the ELP application
    • For English, العربيـة , Français, Deutsch, Bahasa, Indonesia, Italiano, Português, Pусский,  ภาษาไทย, Türkçe, and Tiếng Việt use the link above.
    • For Spanish click here: ELP application
  2. Pay $125 non-refundable application fee and $65 mailing fee.
  3. Make a photocopy of the passport ID page for the applicant and any dependents.
  4. Complete the Affidavit of Financial Responsibility and submit a bank statement.
  5. If you are 17 years old, please have your guardian complete the Minor Consent Form.
  6. If you are a transfer student, please have the international student advisor at your current school complete the transfer form and send it with your application documents to the ELP office by email ( or regular mail. 
  7. Scan all the documents (application, passport copies, affidavit of financial responsibility, and bank statement) and email them to

    You can also mail the documents to our office:

    English Language Program

    1 UNF Dr.
    Building 14E
    Jacksonville, FL 32224

** If students would like to DEFER (come for a different semester after your I-20 has been issued), they will need to pay a deferral fee of $125.


Academic Program: The English Language Program is an intensive program designed to teach various skills of the English Language, such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The program has 6 levels of instruction: Beginning, High-Beginning, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, Advanced, and Pre-University, with a concurrent enrollment option. All of the students are in class 22 hours a week except the ones who are enrolled concurrently; those students have a course load of 18 hours as an ELP student and one 3-credit course as a UNF student. The academic program is rigorous to prepare the students for the university. You will have dedicated and highly-qualified instructors to help you learn English.

Description of Classes: The curriculum at the English Language Program combines the formal acquisition of academic skills with the communicative approach to English language learning. Classes are combined by skills: reading/writing and listening/speaking/vocabulary. Grammar is a separate subject.

Concurrent Enrollment: When students reach Level Pre-University in the English Language Program, they may have the opportunity to be concurrently enrolled in a course related to their major or a General Education course at the University of North Florida. This is not a guaranteed component of this level, nor does it guarantee admission to the University of North Florida. It is a privilege for students who meet the requirements and successfully complete the Advanced level.

Preparation for the University: The institutional TOEFL is offered once a semester for upper levels.

Cultural Immersion

The ELP provides students with these additional activities to practice English, have fun, and be immersed in American culture:

After-class activities: During the week, students meet to practice English and have fun together outside of class. These activities provide additional opportunities to practice English in a relaxed setting. Students play sports together, go out to eat, get coffee, and visit various places around Jacksonville and the UNF campus.

Friday trips: Each semester, the ELP offers field trips to local Florida attractions such as Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, St. Augustine, and others. In addition, the ELP offers volunteer activities which are a great way to learn more about American culture while practicing English. Students who volunteer will receive a volunteer certificate at the end of the semester and use these experiences to enhance their resumes.

Conversation Partner Program: ELP students are paired up with a UNF student to be Conversation Partners. Conversation Partners volunteer with ELP students to help them practice English, teach them more about American culture, and become friends.

Conversation Partners

Are you interested in volunteering with the ELP? Join our conversation partner program! 

In the conversation partner program, UNF students are paired up with one of our ELP students. Pairs meet one hour each week throughout the semester, whenever and wherever works for their schedules. It’s a great opportunity to gain volunteer hours, learn about another culture, help someone practice English, and make a new friend! If you are interested or want more information, email us at


Schedule and Costs


Fall A 2022

Starts: September 19th
Ends: December 16th
Placement Test: September 13th

Fall B 2022

Starts: October 31st
Ends: December 16th
Placement Test: October 28th


Spring A 2023

Starts: January 17th
Ends: April 21th
Placement Test: January 10th

Spring B 2023

Starts: February 27th
Ends: April 21th
Placement Test: February 24th


Summer A 2023

Starts: May 15th
Ends: August 11th
Placement Test: May 9th

Summer B 2023

Starts: June 26th
Ends: August 11th
Placement Test: June 23th


Session A  

Tuition Session A (13 weeks) $3,950
Health Insurance (Approximately) $400
Living Expenses (Approximately) $4,000
Books (Approximately) $250
Total: $8,600


Session B 

Tuition Session B (7 weeks) $2,000
Health Insurance (Approximately) $350
Living Expenses (Approximately) $2,000
Books (Approximately) $250
Total: $4,600


**Tuition fees for Pre-University Concurrent Enrollment class may vary depending on the UNF credit hour costs.

** If a student does not pay tuition before the end of the current semester, the ELP office cannot extend the student's I-20 for the following semester.


Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be submitted to the office of the English Language Program and must be made in writing before the end of the second week of class. Application fees are non-refundable.

  • Withdrawal during the first week of class: 75% refund of the tuition will be issued if the student withdraws at the end of the first week of classes.
  • Withdrawal during the second week of class: 25% refund of the tuition will be issued if the student withdraws during the second week of classes.


  • Who attends the UNF Intensive English Language Program?
    Students from all over the world, age 17 and older, who would like to learn English or improve their English language skills attend the program. 
  • How do students know what level they will be in?
    New students take a placement test the week before classes begin.  The test consists of the speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and listening sections. 
  • How long does it take to receive an I-20?
    Once you complete the application documents and pay the application/mailing fee, you will receive the Form I-20 via the email provided on your application.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    The program does not offer scholarships for first time ELP students, but there are some scholarships for exceptionally hard-working and successful current students who are continuing the program. 
  • Can I live on campus?
    English Language Program students have the option to live on campus. In order to secure on-campus housing, students will need to complete UNF housing contracts when they complete their ELP application.
  • How long is each semester?
    Our program has two different semester options. Our full semester option is 13 weeks. The half semester is 7 weeks. Shorter special programs are only available to groups of at least 6 students. 
  • What if I am a transfer student?

    If you are in the United States and transferring from another program, fill out the ELP application and transfer form. Have the international student advisor at your current school complete the transfer form and send it with your application documents to the ELP office by email ( or regular mail. 

    ** IMPORTANT: All information provided by students must be accurate. Please TYPE your information on the application or WRITE clearly.

  • How do I apply for a (Student) F-1 Visa?

    After the ELP receives your completed documents, you will get your I-20 via email and can schedule an appointment at the US Embassy or Consulate. Follow the procedures below to pay the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I-901) fee and schedule an appointment:

    • Find Form I-901 at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Website. You can complete the form online and submit your payment electronically.
    • Print your I-901 receipt immediately.
    • Make copies of all the documents and receipts submitted to Immigration and Customs Enforcement before your visa appointment.
    • Make an appointment with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate for the F-1 Student Visa.
    • Bring the following documents to the interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate: 
      • Form I-20 signed by the student (you) and the ELP Immigration Specialist
      • Letter of acceptance from the ELP
      • Receipt for the I-901 fee
      • The Affidavit of Financial Responsibility or bank statement
      • Any other paperwork that may prove your return to your country after the completion of your studies in the U.S., such as proof of future employment, education in your country, or strong family ties.
    • Once you receive your F-1 Visa, contact the ELP via email


ELP students are not required to live on campus, but they do have the option to fill out a housing contract to live in UNF housing during their time at the ELP.  If students are interested in living on campus, the ELP recommends that they complete their UNF Housing contract when they complete their ELP application. Find more information at UNF Housing. 

Generally, students are responsible for arranging their own housing.  Some popular options are apartment complexes near the campus as well as UNF housing. The English Language Program staff will help you understand your housing options.  For more information, please contact by email at before your arrival in the United States.

Meal Plans

ELP students have the option to purchase a meal plan for the various cafeterias and restaurants on campus. Click here to purchase a meal plan: UNF Meal Plan