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English Language Program

Welcome to the English Language Program at UNF

About The ELP

The English Language Program at UNF was established in 1997 and has served thousands of students from over 70 countries. We provide students with memorable cultural experiences paired with exceptional instruction. Dedicated staff and faculty ensure that the students are given the necessary support to meet their individual needs during their time in the program. The students are immersed into a compassionate and supportive environment while adjusting to a new culture and educational experiences. After completing the ELP, our students feel confident in academic and professional settings creating an advantageous situation for them to achieve success.

Our Mission

As instructors, administration, and staff, we seek to:

  • Provide exceptional academic, intercultural, and specialized instruction to students and professionals learning English as a second or foreign language;  
  • Serve our students by supporting and guiding them to meet their individual goals;  
  • Enhance the international diversity of University of North Florida’s campus and the Jacksonville community through authentic cross-cultural experiences. 

Student Testimonials

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