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Student Financial Services Office _ What do you owe?

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Students may pay tuition and fees and other charges such as; housing, Child Development Research Center, library fines and miscellaneous charges in person at the Student Financial Services Office, in the drop box, by mail or online by credit card or e-check. We do not accept international checks. Please note that payment by debit or credit card can only be made online via the myWings web portal. We do not accept debit or credit card payments at the Student Financial Services Office. Domestic credit cards have a 2.75 percent and international credit cards have a 4.25 percent non-refundable convenience fee based on the amount charged for use of debit/credit cards for online payments. Students can also pay online via the myWings web portal with an electronic check. There is no convenience fee for paying with an e-check. Please verify the bank routing number and your checking account number before continuing. If the payment is returned by your bank unpaid, you may be assessed a return check service charge and a $100 late payment fee if the tuition payment is returned and restitution is not remitted in full by the payment deadline.


Students can check the status of what they owe the University at any time on the myWings web portal with their student number and password. Click on the student tab and then "My UNF Bill." Students may also come into the Student Financial Services Office during regular business hours to obtain this information. Due to the Federal regulations and Privacy Act, we cannot give this information over the phone or via e-mail. We do not invoice or send statements.


Please check your account often through the myWings web portal to determine the status of your account, especially during add/drop week. Once you click the "My UNF Bill" link, your account will display the account balance at the top. If positive, that is the amount you need to pay by payment deadline to avoid a $100 late payment fee or from being purged (dropped) from classes. If that amount is zero or negative, you do not need to make a payment at this time and you may be receiving a refund. When financial aid or a contract is actually disbursed and credited to your student account and your obligations to the University have been paid, the remaining credit balance will be refunded to you via EFT to the bank account selected by you in the Sign up for Direct Deposit Refunds within "My UNF Bill." It is University Policy for (all) students to enroll in direct deposit.


If you are on a wait-list for a class(es), you need to check your account on myWings daily to determine if you've been added to the class. Some students are added after the tuition deadline and are then fee liable. If you do not wish take the class, you must remove yourself from the wait list during add/drop week to avoid any fee liability for the course.


Please be aware that your financial aid may include some estimated amounts, especially Bright Futures and Academic scholarships. Therefore, you may be under- or over- paid after your financial aid is actually disbursed and credited to your account. Please check your' estimated financial aid' or 'account balance including financial aid' via the myWings web portal to determine if there have been any adjustments to your financial aid.


Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid are based on the number of credit hours you are enrolled and will need to be adjusted if you add or drop classes. However, they will not be adjusted immediately; it is an overnight process so to ensure you are aware of the changes you will need to review your account frequently.


See the chart below to determine the amount that Bright Futures and/or Florida Prepaid will pay for the 2020-2021 academic year based on the number for credit hours registered and the award/plan you have:


***Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholarship pays 100% of applicable tuition and fees, totaling $205.88 per credit hour.***


Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid payout for the 2020-2021 academic year:
Bright Futures
Credit Hours
Bright Futures
Bright Futures
Florida Prepaid
Credit Hours
Florida Prepaid
Tuition & Local Fees
1 $207.73 $155.76 1 $117.08 $160.77
2 $415.46 $311.52 2 $234.16 $321.54
3 $623.19 $467.28 3 $351.24 $482.31
4 $830.92 $623.04 4 $468.32 $643.08
5 $1,038.65 $778.80 5 $585.40 $803.85
6 $1,246.38 $934.56 6 $702.48 $964.62
7 $1,454.11 $1,090.32 7 $819.56 $1,125.39
8 $1,661.84 $1,246.08 8 $936.64 $1,286.16
9 $1,869.57 $1,401.84 9 $1,053.72 $1,446.93
10 $2,077.30 $1,557.60 10 $1,170.80 $1,607.70
11 $2,285.03 $1,713.36 11 $1,287.88 $1,768.47
12 $2,492.76 $1,869.12 12 $1,404.96 $1,929.24
13 $2,700.49 $2,024.88 13 $1,522.04 $2,090.01
14 $2,908.22 $2,180.64 14 $1,639.12 $2,250.78
15 $3,115.95 $2,336.40 15 $1,756.20 $2,411.55
16 $3,323.68 $2,492.16 16 $1,873.28 $2,572.32
17 $3,531.41 $2,647.92 17 $1,990.36 $2,733.09
18 $3,739.14 $2,803.68 18 $2,107.44 $2,893.86
19 $3,946.87 $2,959.44 19 $2,224.52 $3,054.63
20 $4,154.60 $3,115.20 20 $2,341.60 $3,215.40
21 $4,362.33 $3,270.96 21 $2,458.68 $3,376.17


According to Federal Title IV policy, financial aid may only pay the current year fees unless we have a prior authorization on file to allow us to pay your prior year charges up to $200. Please complete the Financial Aid Authorization Form via myWings/student self service/online forms if you owe prior year fees you must pay and would like us to deduct those from your current financial aid.


If you are in housing, the total amount owed will be shown as due. If you pend your housing charges against your financial aid, we will deduct the amount due prior to disbursing any refund. Your housing may also be deferred if you have a Florida Prepaid Housing Contract. You must contact housing directly to defer payment.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Refer to housing's website or contact them by phone at (904) 620-4663 for questions regarding housing.