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Student Financial Services Office--Payment Plans

The Student Financial Services Office at the University of North Florida offers a payment plan option to all students who qualify. This payment plan is available to students who have no outstanding balance with the University.


The payment plan is a signed contract between the student and the University. The payment plan is a one-third payment plan. In this plan, the student will pay one-third of the tuition and fees (after subtracting any aid, grants, waivers or other deferments) by the payment deadline, plus a $15 enrollment fee. Students can enroll in a payment plan until the reinstatement deadline, but those enrolling after the tuition and fee deadline will be assessed a $100 late payment fee. Please note: Your bank or credit card statement will reflect 2 payments--1 for the $15 installment fee and 1 for the initial tuition payment.


The second payment is due within 30 days and the final payment is due within 60 days. The due dates are posted online under "When to Pay." Payment plans that are not paid by the payment deadline will result in a financial hold being placed on the student's account, a $100 late payment fee being assessed, and the student will be withdrawn from the payment plan as well. The student will not be able to register for a subsequent semester until paid and may be denied future enrollment in the payment plan program


PLEASE NOTE THAT PAYMENT PLANS ARE ONLY FOR TUITION, FEES, MEAL MEMBERSHIPS AND BOOKSTORE CHARGES; other charges such as housing and parking permits are NOT allowed in the payment plan.


To enroll:

  • Go online via myWings, click on the "My UNF Bill" tile. Click the Payment Plans link on the left-hand side menu and follow the prompts to enroll; the system will calculate your initial payment. There is no enrollment form to sign when enrolling online. Accepting the payment terms binds you to the terms of the payment plan.


For additional information, questions or concerns, please contact us.