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Student Financial Services Office — 1098T Information

The federal government provides two types of tax credits for educational expenses paid by you during the tax year. However, not all expenses you pay to the University are considered qualified expenses. In general tuition and fees that are directly related to your attendance and education are allowable. Room and board, insurance and other personal expenses are generally not allowed. You should review the IRS Publication 970 for more information — or you may consult your tax professional.


Students access their form online via myWings, student tab, 1098T.  Enter the tax year and the form will display.


Please note: The Controller's Office or University staff cannot assist you in tax matters. If you need assistance completing your taxes, you should consult with the IRS, a qualified tax specialist or a CPA accounting firm.


The following FAQ is provided to assist you with some of the general questions that you may have regarding the 1098T form and is not intended to be provided as advice in completing your tax return.

Some Frequently Asked Questions