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Kinesiology/Lifestyle Medicine | MSH

Enhance People's Lives through
Movement and Exercise

The Master of Science in Health (MSH) in Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine (KALM) is a life sciences degree that integrates an evidenced-based curriculum in an applied research environment. Students pursuing the MSH in KALM are required to take 11 core courses in exercise physiology, epidemiology, biostatistics, research methods, and behavioral medicine, for a total of 33 credit hours. The remaining credits will be satisfied with either a three or six-credit internship/project or a six-credit thesis option.

Elective coursework is available in the areas of strength and conditioning, epidemiology, pathophysiology and nutrition for students who opt for a three-credit internship/project. Students must declare a thesis or non-thesis option upon acceptance into the program. The MSH in KALM requires the completion of 39 graduate credit hours and should be completed in two years.

Launch Your Career in Lifestyle Medicine

Exercise Physiologists, student on bike while tester takes notes and measurements


The MSH in KALM curriculum will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work and provide leadership in the areas of lifestyle and preventive medicine, health and fitness, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, diabetes education, strength and conditioning, lifestyle coaching, and population and clinical research.

Upon program completion, students are encouraged to sit for the national certifications offered by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Thesis Option

Thesis option students will begin preparation towards becoming independent investigators by developing the skills necessary to conduct original research. Thesis option students may be exposed to both primary data collection (human subjects) and secondary data analysis (existing data sets). Students planning on pursuing a thesis and terminal degree (e.g., Ph.D., M.D.) are strongly encouraged to pursue elective coursework in epidemiology. Thesis option students will be accepted each fall on a competitive basis and contingent upon graduate assistantship funding.

Intership Option

The internship option culminates in either a 150 or 300-hour experiential internship working under the direct supervision of a graduate degreed professional in fields including Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology, Epidemiology, Public Health, Rehabilitation and/or Medicine. 

Admission Details

Any Undergraduate Major!

The program does not require a specific undergraduate major. Applicants who apply while still enrolled in an undergraduate degree program may be admitted contingent upon successful completion of the bachelor's degree prior to enrolling in graduate courses. 

Admits 15-20

UNF admits 15-20 students into the MSH in Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine program each fall semester. To be considered for admission, students must apply to the program by the posted deadline of the year for which they wish to be admitted. Prior to enrolling in MSH courses, students must have completed the prerequisites.

Application Deadlines

Fall Term . . . . . . . . August 1

The review process for admissions begins on January 1


Admission Requirements

For admission requirements and information on how to apply, please visit

The UNF Graduate School's Website

  • Internships


    Master of Science in Health, Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine concentration may include an internship component, so it is important to determine State Authorization of Distance Education and if you will be able to do an internship in other states, if desired. Please see the UNF State Authorization Status website for more information and updates. State Authorization of Distance Education is a complex and dynamic environment.

  • Mission and Student Learning Outcomes


    The mission of the Master of Science in Health in Kinesiology & Lifestyle Medicine program is to prepare students with the knowledge, clinical and analytical skills, and professional and ethical mindset to work as Exercise Physiologists and Lifestyle Medicine Epidemiologists in their respective fields. The Exercise Physiology curriculum and training will prepare students to work in leadership positions in the health and fitness industry as well as in clinical settings. The curriculum will provide the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work and provide leadership in the area(s) of health and fitness, cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, diabetes education, and lifestyle coaching. The Lifestyle Medicine curriculum and training will begin to prepare students to become independent investigators and lifestyle coaches by providing them with the tools necessary to conduct original research and disseminate research findings to influence lifestyle behavioral change. Students may be exposed to both primary data collection and secondary data analysis. The internship option culminates in a 150-300-hour experiential internship working under the direct supervision of a graduate degreed professional in the field of Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Epidemiology, Public Health, or Medicine.

    Student Learning Outcomes

    Graduates of the University of North Florida Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine Program:

    1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in exercise science and epidemiology.
    2. Understand epidemiological methods and demonstrate the ability to recognize and employ various study designs.
    3. Translate research into practice in developing evidence-based exercise prescriptions for individuals with chronic diseases.
    4. Employ clinical judgment in exercise/fitness, rehabilitation and educational settings.
    5. Demonstrate the ability to appropriately utilize statistics and interpret results.
    6. Engage in best-practice behaviors that are client/patient, subject, field, and society-focused.
    7. Value integrity and ethics in life and in their profession.
  • Graduate Academic Learning Compact

    View the program's Graduate Academic Learning Compact on the Office of Institutional Effectiveness website


  • Tuition and Fees
    View UNF's Tuition & Fees for Graduates website for updated tuition rates.
  • Program Outcomes

    The University of North Florida Master of Science in Health, Kinesiology & Lifestyle Medicine concentration is accredited from the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Committee on Accreditation for the Exercise Sciences (CoAES). Under this accreditation, Program Outcomes are collected and reported on student success and achievement. These surveyed outcomes include the following:

    Graduates employed in a Kinesiology & Lifestyle Medicine related field upon graduation or admitted to a higher-level degree program (e.g., MD, DO, Ph.D.) (3-year average) – 100% 

    Graduate satisfaction with Program curriculum, Faculty, internship, and thesis experiences (3-year average) – 100%

  • Background Checks

    Background Checks

    A background check will be required of all students both undergraduate and graduate, who will be participating in field experiences as part of their educational program. A background check will be required prior to the field experience. These field experiences include, but are not necessarily limited to: internships, clinical experiences, or other types of experiential learning either directly involving or in agencies serving children, the elderly, patients, or other vulnerable populations. In addition, students interested in enrolling in programs that do not require these experiences during the undergraduate program, but whose programs lead to licensing/certification examinations and/or post-graduate internships that would require a background check prior to the examination or post-graduate internship should also be aware of the information below.

    The background check shall be completed:

    1. annually for students in programs including these types of experiences each year of the program of study;
    2. in the semester immediately preceding the experience for students in those programs including these experiences as a final or capstone experience.

    NOTE: To meet Brooks College's contractual obligation to the agencies in which students are placed, the background check must be done through a vendor sanctioned by the College and using the application format for the student's particular program.

    The mechanism for obtaining the background check will be explained by faculty/program leader/coordinator at the time the check is required.

    Information revealed by a background check may:

    1. preclude participation in required field experiences. The inability to participate in required field experiences will jeopardize the successful completion of the program.
    2. jeopardize sitting for required post-graduate national examinations for licensure and/or certification and/or post-graduate internships.

    Students with questions regarding what may appear on their background check should contact the Chair of the Department/School housing the program in which they want to enroll, prior to enrollment.

  • Internship Opportunities
    Internship Sites
    Wellness Sites Cardiac/Clinical Rehab Sites Corporate Fitness Sites Strength and Conditioning Research
    Brooks YMCA/ stroke wellness    Baptist Beaches Hospital City Bank Medifit Jacksonville University Athletics Brooks LIFE study

    Brooks YMCA

    Shands Hospital Cardiac Rehab Bank of American/ Plus One HIT Center Jacksonville Clinical Research

    UNF Health Promotion

    Baptist Hospital Downtown In Boca UNF Athletics UF Athletics
    Down Town YMCA St. Vincent Hospital CSX Corp. Salomon Services

    Mayport Naval base

    Memorial Hospital Lifescan Pittsburg Pirates

    YMCA Riverside

    Brooks Neuro-Recovery Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Dept.  Spectrum Sports Performance
    Metro YMCA Florida Hospital Flagler St. Vincent's God Speed Elite Sports
    Winston YMCA Jacksonville VA SCJFR SET Performance
    Williams YMCA
    Riverside YMCA
    Stretch and Grow
    Shannon Miller Lifestyle
    Third Street Crossfit
    Atlantic Beach Performance
  • Graduate Assistantships Packages
    For the coming academic year, the Brooks College of Health anticipates awarding several graduate assistantship packages. All of these packages are for students enrolled in BCH graduate programs and will be granted for a one-year period. Subsequent years will require a new application.
  • Out of State Applicants

    Proof of Florida residency is required for assessment of in-state tuition. All degree-seeking students and post-baccalaureate (non-degree-seeking) students must present acceptable proof of legal Florida residency at the time of admission/readmission in order to be assessed in-state tuition and fees. Students who do not have acceptable proof of legal Florida residency will be assessed out-of-state tuition and fees.

    More information on residency.

Contact the Program Director

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Dr. James Churilla

(904) 620-1735