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Administrative and Professional Association

Officers and Committees

The current officers of the A&P Association were elected and will serve a two-year term.

  • President: Leanne Thomas, Assistant Controller – Controller's Office
  • Vice President:  Nancy Miller, Associate Athletics Director – Compliance
  • Treasurer: Jordan Leslie, Assistant Director – Intermural Sports
  • Secretary: Glenda Kelsey, Coordinator – Library Services

In addition to the officers, there are three standing committees. These committees are formed in accordance with the by-laws of the Association. They included the Nominating, Steering and Gabor Awards Committees.

The President of the A&P Association appoints representatives to various University committees. The representative(s) on each committee may be contacted with concerns related to the nature of the respective committee.

  • Nominating Committee - Executive Board

    This committee is selected by the A&P Association President every two years.

  • Steering Committee

    If you are thinking about ways to get more involved with A&P, consider joining the A&P Steering Committee.

  • Gabor Award Committee

    This committee consists of the current executive board, the current recipient, and the immediate past recipient.

  • University Committee Representatives

    Representative/Expiry if applicable

    Bookstore Advisory Council
    Advise the President on all matters impacting the Bookstore and its utilization by the University Community. Specifically, they will:
    1) assist in planning for adequate Bookstore services for the campus,
    2) examine Bookstore related issues on campus and
    3) make recommendations for resolutions.

    Maria Castro (09/2024)

    Ryan Schneader (09/2025)

    Campus Master Plan
    Campus Naming Committee
    Meets as necessary to consider naming proposals for campus buildings and spaces.
    Nancy Miller
    Inter-Faith Advisory Council
    Meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month (Aug-May) and has as its mission is to care for the individual, and to lead, educate and advocate the expression of religious faith and core values. 
    Campus Safety Advisory Council
    This is a Presidential Committee whose goals are to
    1) open University communication lines about safety and security issues on campus,
    2) receive and assess information from various campus constituents,
    3) disseminate information resulting from research and subsequent decisions of the Council, and
    4) oversee implementation of Council initiatives approved by the President.
    Capital Campaign Committee
    Environmental Advisory Council
    Food Services Advisory Committee
    Reviews food services on campus to appraise service, variety of options and recommend improvements. Meets twice a semester.

    Hope Gunn (09/2024)

    Robin Hill (09/2025)

    Parking Advisory Council
    Advise the VP of Administration and Finance on all matters impacting parking facilities and their utilization. 

    Clay Maddox (09/2024)

    Nichelle Flannory (09/2025)

    Parking Violations Appeal Board
    Provides an independent assessment of non-student cases of challenged parking citations. 

    Kellie Cosner (09/2024)

    Michele Clements (09/2025)

    Recognition & Rewards Committee
    Responsible for selecting the recipients of the Excellence Awards Program and recommending improvements to the program. Meets approximately 12 times per year.
    Chair: Gayle Stillson

    Sick Leave Pool Committee
    Makes decisions regarding requests for usage from the sick leave pool along with requests from employees to use the leave donation plan. Meetings are held based upon requests received from employees. The term is one year as an alternate and then two years as a committee member.

    Constitutional Convention Review Committee (2023-2024)

    Delegates:  Sean Alexander, Glenda Kelsey, John Sharp, Leanne Thomas

    Alternates:  Megan Steward, Becki Tankson