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Administrative and Professional Association

Gabor/UNF Foundation Award of Employee Excellence


Eligibility criteria for the Gabor award is:

  • Completed a minimum of three years of continuous service in an A&P position as of July 1 of the nominating year.
  • In good standing and endorsed by the employee's supervisor.
  • Evidence of current or recent activities (within the past three years) outside of the normal scope of the position description.
  • Excellence in overall job performance (professionalism, dependability, knowledge of the job and university operations, and works effectively and harmoniously with others) .
  • Contribution to the university.


Dr. Tara Rowe is the living embodiment of what passion and commitment look like at UNF and her dedication to seeing ALL students succeed has set her apart from everyone else.  She conducts training for departments across the entire university and is often requested by name to conduct trainings due to her ability to deliver thoughtful, meaningful, and impactful information and advice for working with individuals with disabilities.  Dr. Rowe has personally aided in the creation of several programs the university now consider staples, one such example being the nationally renowned and the only certified mentoring program on campus, THRIVE.  Featured as an Osprey Hero recently, in addition to her normal work duties, Dr. Rowe mentors deaf students as part of her commitment to provide students with support. Her passion and care for students make her an exceptional and essential part of the culture of caring at UNF.  She has been a great example on how to support all students who might feel they are different due to gender, sexuality, learning, cognitive or developmental differences.  Dr. Rowe is deeply committed to supporting autistic students both on our own UNF campus and throughout the country.  She is very deserving of this award and is a stellar representative of all that is wonderful about UNF.  We are happy to celebrate her as our Gabor Award winner this year for being an exemplary employee, campus leader, and guiding force for the A&P Association!

2022 Gabor Award Runner-Up: AMY LORENZ

2022 Gabor Award Finalists: Jane Braglia, Caron Johnson, Leanne Thomas

Past award winners