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African American Faculty and Staff Association

AAFSA History

The African American Faculty and Staff Association (AAFSA) was formed on October 6, 2011 by 18 faculty and staff members at the University of North Florida. These 18 individuals were nominated and invited to be a part of the AAFSA Steering Committee. The AAFSA Steering Committee recognized the importance of having a University environment which promoted camaraderie, unity, professional development, cultural enrichment, and campus involvement for employees of African descent.

Under the leadership of Dr. Cheresa Y. Hamilton, the AAFSA Steering Committee was charged with mapping the formation of AAFSA by developing bylaws, electing officers, identifying committees, creating a website and opening a bank account for the association. In a short period of time, the AAFSA Steering Committee accomplished these goals and much more. Through AAFSA, employees enrich their University growth by participating in positive professional and social experiences.  It is the ultimate vision of AAFSA to cultivate and enhance the professional network of every UNF employee of African American descent.