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Office of Student Life

About Office of Student Life


The Office of Student Life fosters a welcoming and engaging environment for students outside the classroom. The Mission is carried out through designing student engagement opportunities within campus programs, personal interactions and intentional collaborations. The Office of Student Life provides a positive experience to retain students and promotes life-long learning.


The Office of Student Life supports student success and is committed to creating interactive and immersive experiences for the UNF campus community.


Enhancing the campus environment by focusing on unique programming to create affinity for the University through our two groups of student leaders; (1) Osprey Life: creates campus and student programming and (2) The Flock: creates opportunities for school spirit and traditions.


The purpose of the Office of Student Life is to develop impactful programming and event marketing focused on the holistic development of students while enriching students’ sense of belonging to UNF through positive expression of school spirit and Osprey pride. Internally, our office develops and advises student leaders through problem solving real-life experiences to create well rounded professionals after graduation.