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Regulations & Policies

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The Linking Industry to Nursing Education (LINE) Fund provides an opportunity for
each state university to receive matching funds for every dollar contributed by a
healthcare partner and is governed by Board of Governors (BOG) Regulation 8.008 and
section 1009.8962, Florida Statutes (LINE Authorities), which sets forth the criteria for
the eligibility and use of LINE funds. This Regulation is adopted to provide for
administration of the LINE program, as required by BOG Regulation 8.008.


  1. LINE funding proposals may be submitted by the President or designee to the BOG Chancellor’s office in accordance with the guidelines, formats, instructions, and schedule provided by the BOG Chancellor. Each LINE funding proposal must be approved by the Provost’s Office and identify and include the following:
    1. A healthcare provider located and licensed to operate in the State of Florida;
    2. Whether funds committed by the healthcare partner will contribute to an eligible purpose set forth the LINE Authorities;
    3. How the funds will be used, including how funds will be utilized to increase student enrollment and program completion;
    4. How the healthcare partner will onboard and retain graduates; and
    5. How the funds will expand the University’s nursing education programs to meet local, regional, or state workforce demands, including, as applicable, advanced education nursing programs and how the funds will increase the number of faculty and clinical preceptors, and planned efforts to utilize the clinical placement process established in section 14.36, Florida Statutes
  2. The President or designee shall notify the BOG upon receipt of funds provided by the healthcare partner identified in an approved proposal before receiving dollar-for-dollar matching funds from the BOG’s grant funds, subject to funds availability.
  3. Annually, by February 1 of each year, if the University is awarded LINE Funds in the previous fiscal year, the President or designee shall submit a report to the BOG that demonstrates the expansion as outlined in the proposal, delineates the use of all funds including contributions and matching funds, and otherwise provides the information, disaggregated by degree level set forth in BOG Regulation 8.008(1)(f).
  4. The Provost’s Office may establish further detailed policies for LINE fund administration in accordance with the LINE Authorities and other applicable legal and regulatory authorities, including without limitation, UNF Regulations and Policies and applicable collective bargaining agreements.
Specific Authority: Section 7(d), Art. IX, Fla. Const.; BOG Reg. 8.008. History: New July 10, 2023.

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