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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs


This regulation governs the administration and oversight of the UNF Eminent Scholars Program (the Program), the purpose of which is to attract private financial support, supplemented by State matching funds, to enhance scholarly work through the recruitment and appointment of eminent scholars. 


  1. Administration 

    The University of North Florida Foundation has the responsibility for furthering, administering and maintaining the Program. The Foundation shall conduct fundraising activities as authorized by BOG Regulation 9.019 University Major Gifts Challenge Grant Program, and invest and manage Eminent Scholar funds under procedures recommended by the Foundation Investment Committee and approved by Foundation Board of Directors.

    The President (or designee) shall have the right to approve or disapprove the terms of any agreement to establish an Endowed Eminent Scholar.

    Proceeds from the endowment may be used as salaries or supplement for salaries for the holder and for those individuals directly associated with the holder’s scholarly work and for expenses directly related to that scholarly work. 

  2.  Establishment of Eminent Scholar 

    An Eminent Scholar shall be established when contributions from private sources and matching funds from Major Gift endowments are in hand. Donor intent shall determine the allocation of gifts received in support of the Program as indicated in a gift agreement, letter, or other document transmitting the gift (agreement). 

    All funds will remain in the designated School, College or Department regardless of whether full funding of a scholar is attained.  When full funding is not attained, the final determination of the use of the funds which have been raised will be made by the Dean in consultation with the donor and the Foundation.

  3. Selection of Scholars                                                                                                                                                    The Provost, in consultation with the Dean, shall establish a Committee to implement the process for selecting the holder of the scholar position consistent with applicable search and screen procedures. The Provost shall select the candidate to be offered the position and shall make the written offer to the candidate. 

  4. Evaluation of Scholars 

    The Eminent Scholar shall be evaluated consistent with the provisions of applicable personnel regulations or the faculty collective bargaining agreement and the gift agreement.  

  5. Annual Reports
The Foundation shall prepare an annual report, including information concerning collection, investment, and audit of applicable funds.  This report may coincide with, but shall be in addition to, the Foundation’s comprehensive annual report. 
The Foundation shall also prepare an annual report for each donor including, but not limited to, investment and audit information, a narrative submitted by the appropriate dean relating the activities and accomplishments, the current status of the scholar, and any other report or information required by the donor as reflected in the agreement.



Authority:  BOG Regulation 9.019. Approved by BOT 04/27/22



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