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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs


The University has established this policy to ensure that (a) adequate procedures for addressing written student complaints are in place, (b) students are informed of these procedures, and (c) procedures are followed when resolving student complaints.


Student Complaints are directed to the President’s Office, Provost Office and/or Dean of Students Office to ensure appropriate documentation and allow these units to gather additional information and work towards a response or appropriate resolution. All units across campus may accept written student complaints, but are additionally required to follow the procedures outlined below to ensure appropriate compliance with institutional accreditation standards.


Written Student Complaints shall be directed to either the President’s Office, Provost Office and/or Dean of Students Office for centralized reporting, documentation, and analysis. Individual departments will familiarize themselves with this policy and establish internal procedures to ensure students are directed to one of the formal reporting units and/or the Report UNF webpage.

Report UNF/Student Complaint Form

Students shall be directed to the Report UNF website, located through the Dean of Students webpage, linked as a resource available to students through their CANVAS account, and available to be linked on any UNF website. Report UNF, a webpage dedicated to informing the campus community about appropriate reporting resources, including student complaints includes information on where to report specific concerns, including student complaints to the University.

The President’s Office and Provost Office may accept written complaints in additional formats and shall document and track these complaints using internal controls.

Complaint Review & Resolution

The student complaint form is routed to the Dean of Students Office, where reports are reviewed and processed. Written complaints are also received by the President and Provost Office through their shared email addresses.

Once received, concerns are processed and acknowledged, and information is shared with any specific unit mentioned within the complaint. The receiving office will work to properly document the situation, suggest resolution options and/or provide support to the student based on the situation reported. Any final resolution or updates will be shared with the complainant, where possible. Anonymous complaints are accepted, but it does impact the University’s ability to review and gain resolution.

Individual units who continue to maintain their own log of written student complaints should ensure they are collecting the information outlined below and are responsible for sharing these recorded logs at least annually to the President’s Office.

All written complaints will be maintained by the President’s Office, Provost Office and/or Dean of Students Office and include the following information:

  • Unit name
  • Date student filed complaint/appeal
  • Student identification, or N-number, if available
  • Nature of complaint
  • Process used to resolve complain
  • Outcome of complaint
  • Date of resolution
Trend Analysis

The President’s Office, Provost Office and Dean of Students Office shall routinely combine their written complaint logs and review potential trends and patterns of concern. This information may be used to review various policies and procedures and update for quality improvement.

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