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Regulations & Policies

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The basis for this regulation can be found in the Florida Board of Governors BOG 6.020 College Credit for Online Course Completed Prior to Initial Enrollment, which governs the evaluation and acceptance of coursework through online courses. All University policies and procedures that results in a less stringent application of this requirement shall be superseded.


Undergraduate, degree-seeking students who are admitted to the University and who have completed online college level courses prior to initial enrollment may request that the University evaluate that coursework to determine if credit may be awarded. These credits may include, but are not limited to, massive open online courses (MOOCs).

A student wishing to have online coursework evaluated for the purpose of receiving credit, must inform an academic advisor after admission and prior to matriculation (initial enrollment) at the University. The student must provide an official transcript, including but not limited to, Florida public post-secondary official transcript or American Counsel for Education (ACE) recommendation transcript reflecting the award of credit. Transferability and degree applicability of the coursework will be determined with the same processes and criteria as other transferred courses.

  1. If the online college coursework did result in credit hours awarded by the institution offering the online course, but did not transfer for credit at the University, award of credits must meet the following conditions:
    1. University faculty have determined the online course content and learning outcomes to be comparable to a course offered at the institution;
    2. Online courses meet the quality and regional accreditation standards intended for a transfer course; and
    3. The subject area faculty have determined that the online course is relevant to the student's intended program of study.
  2. If the online college coursework did not result in credit hours awarded by the institution offering the online course the student must provide the following information for evaluation by a UNF faculty member within the discipline of the content of the coursework:
    1. A syllabus for the course;
    2. Credentials of the faculty teaching the course;
    3. Course objectives and learning outcomes for the course; and
    4. Any other information being requested by the faculty member within the discipline to determine mastery of course learning outcomes.

A student may appeal the faculty decision by following the normal University procedures.

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