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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs - Enrollment Services


This policy statement articulates the official position of the University of North Florida regarding final examination requirements and the times at which such examinations will be given. This policy applies to all courses regardless of delivery method.


  1. Final examinations, other than, "take-home" examinations, may be given only during the officially scheduled periods for such examinations.
  2. If a "take-home" final examination is given, students shall not be required to return the completed examination prior to the scheduled final examination period for the course.
  3. No comprehensive examinations may be given during the seven calendar days immediately preceding the first day of the scheduled final examination period. Tests or quizzes on components of the course, scheduled on the syllabus, may be given during this time period.
  4. Faculty members are not obligated to give final examinations in courses where they deem such examinations unnecessary. However, they must inform students by at least one week prior to the withdrawal date if a final exam will not be given. If a final exam is not required, the final exam time should be used for other course related activities.
  5. Student evaluations of instruction shall not be conducted during the final examination period.

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