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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

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UNF Undergraduate Collaborative Programs offer undergraduate students the opportunity to earn two bachelor's degrees while taking classes at UNF and an approved partner institution. The innovative nature of the programs require a new transcript format that will accurately reflect the students' coursework and program's curriculum.


The University of North Florida will print the course names, grades and name of the partner institutions. The transcript will display the information as transfer coursework that is part of a University approved program.

The UNF undergraduate collaborative program administrator is responsible for ensuring all participating student records are accurate and current at the time of printing.

Coursework will be updated once the official transcripts have arrived form the specified institution. Students in the degree Collaborative Degree program are still required to pay the transcript fee when ordering official transcripts.

NOTE: UNF currently offers one Collaborative Degree Program. The program, EuroMed, is also called BBA International Business: EuroMed/UNF.

For French students - Major: EUR Concentration: EUR 1

For UNF students - Major: EUR Concentration: EUR2

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