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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs - Graduate School


This policy establishes the guidelines for the creation and management of graduate credit-bearing certificate programs.


Graduate credit-bearing certificate programs are comprised of related courses that constitute a coherent body of study within a discipline. These programs must be approved through the university and faculty governance processes.

The number of graduate credits within a graduate certificate program cannot be less than 9 or more than one-half of the credits necessary for a related master's degree.

Student pursuing a graduate certificate will be required to meet the same academic requirements as those defined for degree-seeking students to remain in "good standing," as per UNF Policy 2.0400P.

All graduate certificate students must meet all prerequisites for courses in which they wish to enroll.

Transfer of Credits Related to Certificate Programs

When concurrently enrolled in a UNF graduate degree program, students can apply required coursework to both the graduate certificate and their chosen graduate degree, with the approval of the responsible program(s). Students cannot return for a retroactive certificate award following graduation.

If a student who has completed a graduate certificate later returns to UNF to earn a graduate degree, up to 12 hours of credit earned as a graduate certificate student may be applied to satisfy graduate degree requirements. Conversely, if a student later returns to earn a certificate after obtaining a masters or doctoral degree, credits earned in the completed degree can be applied to no more than fifty percent of the certificate program's required credits. Any application of such credits must be approved by the graduate program and formally submitted to the Graduate School for processing.

The graduate certificate is not viewed as a guaranteed means of entry into a graduate degree program. Students who have graduated from a UNF graduate degree or certificate program and wish to return to UNF to pursue a graduate certificate or degree program will need to complete a new application with the Graduate School, and, if applicable, pay a new application fee.

Completion of Program Requirements

Students are subject to the individual requirements of the graduate certificate program and will need to complete at least fifty percent of the required coursework in residence at the university (e.g., face-to-face, distance learning). Successful completion of the graduate certificate program will be noted on the student's official transcript separately from his or her degree program.

Certificate and Transcripts

Once the program coursework is satisfied the student may be eligible to receive a document acknowledging completion that is separate from a diploma conferral. Printing and conferring all completion documents from university certificate programs will be the sole responsibility of the Registrar. All materials required to print and package the completion documents will also be housed within Enrollment Services.

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