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Note: This policy is not current but for reference and/or information only


Due to the national emergency brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic, the University of North Florida identified the need for a temporary grading framework to ease the anxiety of students, faculty, and administrators at this unprecedented moment.

This Policy is an interim policy that will only apply to the Spring 2020 semester and will expire on May 1, 2020. 


A task force met via Zoom daily from March 21, 2020 through March 23, 2020. The composition of the task force ensured that there was representation of an array of UNF stakeholders. The task force consisted of Dr. Georgette Dumont, Dr. Simon Rhodes, Ms. Marianne Jaffee, Dr. Dan Moon, Ms. Christina Helbling, Mr. Chad Learch, Mr. John Aloszka, Dr. Kally Malcom-Bjorklund, George Rainbolt, Dr. John Kanter, and Dr. Shawn Brayton.

In each meeting, options were discussed one at a time, with input about the pros and cons of each, and the impact on students. Consensus as a group was made prior to moving on to the next proposal. Much discussion ensued around each item in the proposal, and none were decided on without much thought and consideration.

The task force’s proposed Spring 2020 framework was presented to the Faculty Association, the Executive Board of the UNF-UFF, the President of Student Government, and the Deans of the various Colleges, all of whom supported its adoption.  Accordingly, the Provost has recommended to the President that the following academic policy be established regarding issuances of grades for the Spring 2020 semester. The President agrees with this recommendation and therefore issues this interim policy as permitted by UNF Policy 2.0010P.


For the Spring 2020 semester only, the following modifications are made to the University’s grading system, superseding anything to the contrary in UNF Policies 2.0170P and 2.0690P:

  1. The default grading criteria remains the standard letter grading system.
  2. Program directors, faculty, and advisors for the programs that are uniquely different due to being a professional program, licensures, or accreditation purposes, will work together to develop scripts for all to use when advising students about their options.
  3. For each course, students have the option to opt-in to an ABSU grading option.
  4. S (Satisfactory) and U (Unsatisfactory) grades will not impact a student’s GPA.
  5. C and C+ grades will convert to an S.
  6. D and F grades will convert to a U.
  7. S grades result in credits earned.
  8. U grades will result in no credit earned.
  9. A, A-, B+, B, and B- grades remain.
  10. Students will have until April 17, 2020 to opt into ABSU grading.
  11. While it will be advantageous for many students to convert to ABSU grading, in some cases, it may be advantageous for a student to earn a D grade instead of a U grade and forego the ABSU option. Students should consult with their advisor for appropriate guidance regarding degree progression requirements.
  12. Students also have the option to withdraw from a course. The withdrawal deadline is moved to April 17.
  13. Students still have the option to take incompletes. 
  14. Once a student selects the ABSU grading option, it cannot be undone.
  15. Faculty will submit grades as normal, but those students who opt in to the ABSU option will have their grades automatically adjusted in the Registrar’s Office.
  16. There will be a note on all student transcripts for Spring 2020 semester (e.g. Spring 2020 courses were completed during a crisis situation).

Approved by: David M. Szymanski 

Date:  March 25, 2020

Authority: UNF Policy 2.0010P

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