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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs - Graduate School


This policy identifies the requirements for earning dual graduate degrees as part of international programs operating under collaborative academic arrangements.


Effective fall 2010, all dual graduate degrees offered through joint, cooperative, or collaborative academic arrangements between UNF and international institutions must meet the following requirements:

  1. The minimum number of graduate credit hours required is 48 hours;
  2. Students must earn a minimum of 50% of the total number of credit hours, including the international coursework, from UNF;
  3. The graduate GPA includes all graduate credits taken as part of the degree including those from the international institution(s).
  4. In an effort to provide accurate student transcripts, UNF will include course names and grades on the students' UNF transcritps for all degree-required, earned credit courses that are transferred into UNF as part of pre-approved international programs operating under collaborative academic arrangements. Courses listed will be printed under a header indicating that they are part of a university-approved program.

Any program approved prior to fall 2010 (GlobalMBA, Ibero-American MBA) is exempt from item 1 and 2 listed above.

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