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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs


To establish procedures for conducting a comprehensive review of academic chairs (for the purposes of this policy, directors of schools will be referred to as "chairs").


A comprehensive review of the academic chair's performance over the term of his/her appointment will be conducted in the spring of the penultimate year of the chair's appointment should he or she and the dean wish him/her to be retained.


The academic dean will:

  1. Gather the prior years' annual evaluations if available, departmental annual reports, the results of the Kansas State IDEA survey, and the chair's statements submitted as part of the annual evaluation process.
  2. Solicit input from appropriate constituents thought to have insight into the chair's performance, such as the department staff.
  3. Conduct a retention vote in the spring of the penultimate year of reappointment of the chair consistent with the provisions of the UNF Constitution, Article V, Section 3: Departments.
  4. Use the data referenced in 1, 2, and 3 above to prepare an evaluation of the chair's performance by a date set by each college dean and discuss it with the chair. The chair may respond in writing to the evaluation within two weeks from the written evaluation.
  5. Make a determination and notify Academic Affairs about the reappointment of the chair to a new term. In the event that the dean's determination would not be in alignment with the vote of the faculty, or in the event of a problematic performance review generally, the dean shall consult with the provost prior to making a determination about reappointment.
  6. The comprehensive review shall be retained in the administrator's evaluation file located in the dean's office and shall include the:
    1. Chair's Annual Evaluations
    2. Chair's Annual Review Statements
    3. Department Annual Report
    4. Kansas State IDEA survey during the penultimate year of the chair's term
    5. Department votes of reappointment consistent with UNF Constitution and departmental By-Laws

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