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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs


To establish a policy concerning the allocation of reassignments to tenured and tenure-earning faculty members to provide opportunity for concentrated scholarly or creative activity.


Tenured and tenure-earning faculty members shall be provided reassignment from teaching as noted below:

Tenure-earning Faculty:

Each tenure-earning faculty member hired at the assistant professor level shall be provided the equivalent of a 3-hour reassignment from teaching in order to devote additional effort to scholarly activity. Further, each tenure-earning faculty member hired at the assistant professor level will be provided another reassignment (equivalent to 3 hours of teaching) for the same purpose during his/her fourth year of tenure-earning service.

Tenured Faculty:

Scholarship reassignments are provided to tenured faculty members to further the faculty members' scholarship, research, and/or creative activity. These reassignments are intended to recognize both past accomplishment and future promise. Each department chair is authorized to make the assignment of the scholarship releases in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Each department shall be provided one scholarship reassignment per academic year.
  2. Only those faculty members who have received a far exceeds rating in scholarship/research/creative activity in at least two of the past three years and at least exceeds in the third year are eligible.
  3. Prior accomplishments in scholarship/research/creative activity, as reflected in the faculty's annual self reports, shall be considered (e.g., refereed journal article, refereed book chapter, juried art show, etc.
  4. Specific accomplishments in securing contracts and grants (i.e., funded projects) shall be considered.
  5. The faculty member's scholarly agenda as articulated in his/her annual self report and/or annual evaluation shall be considered.
  6. A faculty member who has been provided a full-pay sabbatical in any semester during the past four academic years is not eligible for the scholarship release.
  7. A faculty member who receives a scholarship release does not become eligible for a second scholarship release until he/she has completed four academic years since the scholarship release was granted.
  8. A faculty member on an already reduced course load is not eligible.
  9. The faculty member's annual evaluation will explicitly take into consideration the fact that his or her assignment for scholarly activity was increased by the percentage of the reassignment.

Within thirty (30) days of the end of the semester in which the scholarship release was granted, the faculty member shall submit to his/her chair, dean, and the Provost, a concise written report regarding his/her accomplishments.

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