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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs - Graduate School


To establish a process for dismissing a graduate student from a graduate program.


When a student is being considered for dismissal from his/her graduate program, either at the end of a term or during a term, the Graduate Program Director and the Graduate Program Committee (should there be one) will:

  1. ensure dismissal of a student from the program is supported by published policy,
  2. inform the student, both through email and regular mail, of the matter
  3. offer the student an opportunity to meet with the Graduate Program Director to plead his/her case, if the decision to dismiss the student is to be made by the Graduate Program Director
  4. offer the student an opportunity to address a meeting of the Graduate Program Committee, if there is to be a Graduate Program Committee meeting for the purpose of deciding whether or not to dismiss the student,
  5. inform the student of available appeal procedures and describe them, if it has been determined the student is to be dismissed from the program.

If any meetings occur, with or without a committee, the Graduate Program Director must write formal minutes. If no meetings occur, the Graduate Program Director will write a memorandum describing the decision-making process. Minutes of meetings, memoranda, and all appropriate supporting documentation will be shared with the department chair, college dean, and the graduate dean.

If the student is dismissed from his/her graduate program, the student's transcript will bear an appropriate notation, and the student will receive no refund of tuition or fees.

Once dismissed, a student may apply to UNF as a student in another degree program, or as a non-degree student who is prohibited from taking courses in the program from which he/she was dismissed. A student can only be reinstated to his/her previous degree program by submitting a new application to the program with a new admissions decision.

Students may appeal a program decision through the process outlined in policy 2.1010P, Appealing a Graduate Program Decision.

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