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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs


To establish policy for the review of academic degree programs on a seven year cycle.



Each academic degree program will undergo an Academic Program Review on a seven-year cycle. This review will serve to evaluate the academic and administrative quality and productivity of academic programs. The outcome of the process is to provide information such as program strengths, strategic value, areas to be strengthened and future opportunities. This information will provide input for knowledge-based strategic planning, analysis, and decision-making. As a result, the university will be positioned to ascertain whether programs should be enhanced, maintained, eliminated or studied further.


Note:    Information about Academic Program Review is available at:

1. Self-Study Report (SSR)

  1. The SSR template and appendices will be prepared for each program by Academic
  2. Academic Departments will add the following to the Appendices:
    1. Program Faculty CVs
    2. Sample Syllabi
    3. Any other material deemed appropriate

2. Programs with Discipline Accreditation

  1. External Review
    1. The accreditation self-study review and on-campus visit will serve as the external review of the academic program(s).To assure active participation of the Program Review Committee (PRC), the Director for Academic Programs is consulted when the program establishes the dates for the accreditation visit.
    2. Self-study materials are submitted to the Director for Academic Programs, for dissemination among the PRC, three to four weeks prior to submitting the self-study materials to the accrediting body.
    3. The PRC should be included in the on-campus visit—at a minimum, the PRC will be included in the exit interview.
  2. Self-Study Report
    1. Accreditation self-study, follow-up materials, and correspondence from the accrediting body with information about the accreditation review must be submitted to the Director for Academic Programs in a timely manner.
    2. When completing the program review SSR, if the item was addressed in the accreditation self-study document then you have two options:
      1. Identify where in the accreditation self-study document the information can be found (e.g., volume, page #, section); or
      2. Copy and paste the information from the accreditation self-study document into the program review SSR.

3.       Programs without Discipline Accreditation

  1. External Review
    1. External reviewers are required to conduct a review of the self-study documents, visit UNF for at least two days, and prepare recommendations, as well as commendations and suggestions, in light of his/her review of materials and interviews.
    2. The department chair, in consultation with program faculty, will submit a minimum of three external reviewer nominees along with CV’s to the college dean for consideration.
      1. External Reviewer credential requirements are located at 
    3. The dean will review the submissions and take one of the following actions:
      1. Select the external reviewer form the list of potential reviewers
      2. Request additional reviewers form the department chair.
      3. Recommend another list of potential reviewers to the department chair.
    4. Once the external reviewer is selected by the dean, the department chair will notify the Director for Academic Programs and submit the reviewer’s CV.
      1. The department chair will contact the reviewer to identify several two- day options for the campus visit.
      2. The department chair and the Director for Academic Programs will work together to select the visit date.
    5. Visit Guidelines and Logistics are available at

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