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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs


To establish a policy governing chairs continuing in their position at least seven years, and governing the transfer of a Chair or Associate Dean to/from a 9-month faculty position.


Professional Development Leave

A Chair or Associate Dean who has served seven consecutive years as a Chair or Associate Dean and plans to continue his/her service as Chair or Associate Dean is eligible to apply for a full-pay, one-semester administrative leave. The total number of leaves allowable across the university will be capped at two per year, and each must be approved by the respective dean as well as the Provost. An administrative leave cannot be coupled with a regular sabbatical. Chairs or Associate Deans who receive this administrative leave are not eligible for any other administrative leaves for a minimum of three years. Moreover, there must be a minimum of six years before Chairs of Associate Deans may receive another administrative leave while planning to continue his/her service.

A Chair, Associate Dean, or higher-level administrator within Academic Affairs who has served a minimum of six consecutive years and has not received an administrative leave within the prior three years, shall be provided a one-semester professional development leave to prepare to assume new responsibilities when he/she transfers from his/her administrative position to a faculty position. The departing administrator shall provide his/her supervisor with a written description of the professional activities to be undertaken during the leave and, upon completion of the leave, a report of his/her accomplishments. While on leave, the departing administrator may receive reimbursement from sources other than the University for expenses such as travel and housing to assist in accomplishing the activities associated with the professional development leave. Receipt of funds for such purposes shall not result in a reduction of the departing administrator's University salary. If, however, financial assistance is received in the form of salary, the University's salary shall normally be reduced by the amount received from the external source, unless the Provost has granted an exception.

Standard Salary

All department chairs will receive a fixed base stipend equal to $10,000.

Deans have flexibility to offer an additional stipend, limited to a range of $0 to $3,000, using college funds.

Additional stipends above $3,000 will be exceptional and will require the prior approval of the Provost.

Department chairs and associate deans who serve two full terms, or eight years, shall receive an increase in their base stipend of $2,000 upon completion of the eighth year. Should the chair or associate dean return to the faculty at the end of the eighth year of service, this increase shall be included in the base stipend when determining the stipend amount to be retained.

Return to Faculty

Upon the transfer of a Chair, Associate Dean, or higher-level administrator within Academic Affairs from his/her administrative position to a faculty position, and prior to the Professional Development Leave, his/her salary shall be adjusted as follows:

  1. reduce the administrator's salary by his/her stipend, if any, and then convert the adjusted salary by 9/12ths;
  2. add back to the 9-month salary all or a portion of the prior stipend as noted below:
    1. an administrator who has completed less than four years of service shall retain none of his/her former stipend;
    2. an administrator who has completed four or five years of service shall retain 60% of his/her stipend;
    3. an administrator who has completed six or more years of service shall retain 100% of his/her stipend;
    4. the amount of the stipend retained by the administrator shall not exceed $12,000, except with the written approval of the Dean and Provost.

At the end of the professional development leave described above or upon return to a 9-month faculty position if no professional development leave is provided, the terms and conditions of employment for the departing administrator will be consistent with the applicable collective bargaining agreement if the departing administrator is appointed to a bargaining unit classification, or consistent with the University's rules governing out-of-unit faculty if he/she is appointed to a non-bargaining unit classification.

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