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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs - Enrollment Services


To establish a policy whereby a student may request forgiveness for an entire term in which he/she performed unsatisfactorily due to personal or financial problems.


Faculty Association


Undergraduate, degree-seeking students attempting their first baccalaureate degree may request term forgiveness for exactly one term at UNF.

  1. A student granted term forgiveness may not exercise grade forgiveness. Term forgiveness may not be used if grade forgiveness has been implemented.
  2. Requests will never be approved for the present term or for the immediately preceding term in which the student was enrolled.
  3. Students must complete at least one term at UNF before applying.
  4. This policy does not alter the permanent academic record; all courses attempted in the forgiven semester and related grades remain on the student's record.
  5. Although courses and grades in the forgiven term appear on the student's permanent academic record, the grade for the courses in forgiven term will not be calculated in any of the student's Grade Point Averages (See the Academic Average (Grade Point Average) Policy.) The original grades will be calculated for the honors GPA.
  6. This policy reflects UNF grade point calculations only and does not affect the grade point calculation of outside agencies or other institutions who may use all grades, including repeated and forgiven grades, in their calculation of grade point averages.


Students must begin the term forgiveness process by consulting with their academic advisor to ensure that this is the best course of action. Once the academic advisor submits the term forgiveness request, the student will be able to review and approve the request via their myWings student portal. Student review and approval is required for the request to be processed.

Graduating students who wish to utilize term forgiveness should contact the Registrar via One-Stop to request special consideration. Requests must be submitted prior to the date posted on the academic calendar for commencement.

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