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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

Academic Affairs - Enrollment Services


To establish policies and procedures for the enhancement of the transfer evaluation system.


For all undergraduate degree seeking students, the Office of Enrollment Services Processing must:

  1. Certify each term that all transfer evaluations have been completed for all students enrolling in that term for the first time. Each student will be able to access his/her transfer evaluation online prior to the completion of his/her first term of enrollment.
  2. Re-evaluate each student's transfer evaluation using the current catalog requirements whenever the student is re-admitted because of a break of continuous enrollment. General education, Gordon rule, and / or the foreign language requirements will only be re-evaluated if the student had not satisfied the requirement prior to the break in continuity.
  3. Students who satisfied any of the following (general education, Gordon rule, or foreign language) prior to the break in continuity shall be excluded from this re-evaluation process for that satisfied requirement.

For all undergraduate degree seeking students, the Registrar must ensure a notation is made on the UNF Permanent Record when the student has satisfied all general education requirements.

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