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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies

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To state the minimum University requirements for awarding and procedures for receiving a Posthumous Baccalaureate Degree or an in Memoriam degree.


A Posthumous Degree at the bachelor's level recognizes academic work completed by a student who has made progress toward completion of a degree. In order to receive a Posthumous Degree, the student must have achieved senior status, must have been in good standing at the University of North Florida, and must have met UNF residency requirement or have been enrolled in courses sufficient to meet the residency requirement.

An In Memoriam degree allows for recognition of a student's connection to the University of North Florida regardless of his/her progress toward completion of degree requirements. In order to receive an In Memoriam degree, the student must have been enrolled in a degree program at the time of their death. The University may choose to make this award to other deceased previously enrolled students.

At the master's and doctoral levels, the faculty of the respective programs will determine the policies and procedures for awarding Posthumous/In Memoriam Degrees.


The request for the degree can be initiated by a family member or friend or upon the recommendation of the faculty. The department chair then forwards the request and provides a rationale for awarding the degree to the Registrar's Office.

In the case of a Posthumous Degree, a family member, friend, or designee may elect to accept the diploma at the commencement ceremony as well as receive the student's official diploma.


If at all possible the student's name will appear in the commencement program indicating "degree awarded posthumously." This information will also appear on the official transcript. Course work in progress at the time of death will be listed on the transcript with a (WD) for withdrawal -deceased.

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