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Regulations and Policies

Regulations & Policies



To affirm the Board of Trustee’s and President’s roles in setting University regulations and policies in consultation with the University community and to provide information and guidance regarding the steps for creating or revising a non-academic regulation or policy.


Regulation: a statement of general applicability to guide the conduct or action of the University, our constituents, or the general public (BOG Regulation Development Procedure).

Policy: a statement of general principle, plan, or course of action that guides the University and its faculty, staff, students, and others in the management of their duties and responsibilities and/or other actions which engaged in University activities, events, and programs.

Procedures: the means by which faculty, staff, students, and others are to carry out a particular regulation or policy. 


The President has the authority and responsibility to organize the University and to establish policies for executing the powers, duties, and functions conferred upon the President. The Board of Trustees is authorized to establish University regulations.

Regulations and policies are adopted to provide guidance in the administration, operation, management or implementation of University programs, services, activities, and facilities. They reflect the rules governing the implementation of campus processes and requirements, set expectations for behavior and actions while engaged in University programs or activities or while on campus property, and affirm the authority for establishing the regulation or policy. Regulations and Policies help ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promote the University's mission, vision, values and operational efficiencies and effectiveness, and/or reduce risk to the institution.

Regulations and policies should neither conflict with provisions contained in laws or Board of Governors (BOG) regulations nor merely restate or duplicate those provisions. When a subsequently promulgated law or BOG regulation conflicts with a University regulation or policy, such law or BOG regulation and its implementing provisions shall take precedence over the current regulations or policy.

The Regulation/Policy Owner is responsible for all required actions detailed in the regulation/policy and for ensuring that employees and others are made aware of the regulation/policy through education, training, notices, or other appropriate means.

Policies related to the University's academic programs, organization, and standards, including those recommended by the Faculty Association, are excluded from this policy and its procedures. The policy and procedures for promulgating academic related policies, including the President and Provost's roles in approving these policies are provided in the Constitution and in Policy 2.0010P-Policy on Academic Policies.

The BOG Regulation Development Procedure provides information and guidance regarding the promulgation and adoption of University regulations.

The Policy Owner shall ensure that the policies/regulations for which they are responsible are reviewed and re-affirmed or updated no less than once every three (3) years.


Compliance Workflow Form
University of North Florida Procedures for Regulation and Policy Creation and Revision


Chapter 1001.706, Florida Statutes

BOG Regulation Development Procedure BOT Resolution on Presidential Authority

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