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Procedures for Open Forums

Regulation and Policy Development – Open Forums  

The University has implemented an Open Forum as part of its regulation and policy development procedures. The Open Forum will allow the University community the opportunity to discuss concerns, solicit information and voice opinions as they relate to proposed University regulations and policies.

The Open Forums will be held during the fourteen (14) day pre-review comment period. A Notice of Open Forum will be posted on-line seven (7) days in advance of the scheduled date of the Forum and advertised in the Campus and Student Updates. A panel consisting of a representative from the President’s Office, the General Counsel’s Office and the regulation or policy sponsor(s) will be on hand to answer questions and discuss concerns during the Open Forum.

Below are procedures that have been established to ensure that the Open Forums run as smoothly and productively as possible:

  • A headcount of the participants in attendance will be taken for the record.
  • All participants who wish to have their comments serve as part of the record submitted to the Board of Trustees, will be required to submit their comments in writing.
  • Those individuals who are unable to attend the Open Forum may submit written comments to the Office of the General Counsel. All written comments will become part of the record and submitted to the Board of Trustees for further consideration. 
  • There will be two (2) individuals present to take notes for the record.
  • A half-hour shall be designated for each proposed regulation or policy. 
  • Each speaker will be asked to limit his or her comments to five (5) minutes.


Please direct any questions concerning the Open Forum or the procedures as noted herein to Stephanie Howell, Paralegal, Office of the General Counsel,

Only policies of great significance go to the Board of Trustees. Any policies which are set to go before the Board of Trustees will be subject to an Open Forum.