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Policies Under Current Review

The policies listed below are currently under review. Comments may be submitted to or

New Policy: 


Gifts, Honoraria and Other Things of Value - This is a new policy outlining the legal and ethical requirements regarding employees soliciting, and accepting gifts, honoraria, and other things of value. 

Substantive Revisions:
5.0090P - Missing Residential Student - A policy statement has been added with additional language to clarify with whom the University is required to make contact should a residential student go missing, and restructured information for clarity and a better flow. 


8.0020P - Criteria for University Activities Abroad - A reference to VP of Student Affairs has been eliminated and added a statement that all approved activity abroad must be coordinated through the International Center. 


8.0060P - Health Insurance Coverage for International Students - This policy has been updated to reflect the BOG requirement that all international students provide proof of health insurance coverage. A link has been substituted to the procedure, rather than stating procedures in the policy.