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Policies & RegulationsA - Z Listing

Number Title Effective Date Revised Date
7.0040R Freedom of Expression in Outdoor Areas of Campus 10/11/2018 No revision date
10.0080R Abandoned Bicycles or Other Non-Motorized Vehicles 10/20/2005 No revision date
4.0200P Academic Freedom 2/1/2006 No revision date
2.0510P Academic Learning Compacts 12/1/2005 7/5/2017
2.0640P Academic Misconduct Policy 10/25/2011 No revision date
2.0390P Academic Program Review 6/1/2008 5/1/2009
2.0610P Academic Standing 3/1/2011 2/22/2016
2.0060P Acceptance of Credit Through Acceleration Mechanisms No effective date 8/1/2013
2.0910P Acceptance of Online Course Credit Completed Prior to Initial Enrollment 10/15/2015 No revision date
2.0160P Admission of Graduates from Non-regionally Accredited Institutions 5/1/1998 2/24/2014
2.0384R Admissions - Applicants with Disabilities 7/1/2008 No revision date
2.0381R Admissions - First Time in College ("FTIC") 7/1/2008 6/7/2016
2.0380R Admissions - General 7/1/2008 No revision date
2.0385R Admissions - International Students 7/1/2008 No revision date
2.0383R Admissions - Transfer of College Credit by Examination 7/1/2008 No revision date
2.0382R Admissions - Transfer Students (Undergraduate) 7/1/2008 6/7/2016
14.0060P Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy 8/23/2018 8/23/2018
14.0090P American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment 10/18/2010 No revision date
4.0070R Americans with Disabilities Act 2/1/2006 No revision date
6.0240P Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 7/23/2018 No revision date
1.0070P Amorous or Sexual Relationship Policy 2/10/2006 2/2/2006
2.0890P Animal Care and Use in Teaching and Research 12/4/2014 No revision date
2.0490P Annual Review: Academic Chairs/Directors and Associate Deans 8/26/2009 No revision date
2.0340P Appealing Academic Grades No effective date 6/29/2015
2.1010P Appealing Graduate Program Decision 10/25/2017 No revision date
14.0070P Art in Public Places 11/1/2006 No revision date
2.0660P Associate in Arts Degree Requirements 4/20/2012 3/5/2015
2.0070P Auditing Courses 8/11/1995 1/7/2008
2.0080P Award of Posthumous Baccalaureate Degree & In Memorium Degree 10/7/1999 11/3/2014
2.0980P Award of Posthumous Graduate Degrees 2/28/2017 No revision date
2.0170P Awarding Pass/Fail Grades 8/11/1995 1/7/2008
4.0080R Background Checks 2/1/2006 1/12/2016
6.0170R Camps and Similar Other Programs Involving Minors 6/11/2013 No revision date
1.0120P Campus Safety and Security Reporting 11/14/2011 6/4/2018
6.0060P Campus Security Cameras 11/26/2008 12/8/2015
6.0030P Cell Phone and Associated Services Policy 7/1/2007 7/25/2014
14.0010P Closing the University During Emergency Conditions 9/24/2002 No revision date
7.0050R Commercial Activity; Selling of Merchandise, Activities Involving Off Campus Vendors 6/13/2004 10/15/2018
4.0110R Compensation 2/1/2006 No revision date
2.0870P Complete Withdrawal From the University 1/1/2015 No revision date
6.0150P Comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety Policy 1/1/2013 No revision date
2.0500P Comprehensive Review: Academic Chairs 8/26/2009 10/27/2009
4.0170R Conflicts of Interest and Outside Employment / Activity 2/1/2006 No revision date
2.0730P Course Withdrawal Limitation Policy 8/19/2013 No revision date
8.0020P Criteria for University Activities Abroad 2/12/2001 8/26/2003
2.0930P Cross-Level Listing of Graduate and Undergraduate Courses 3/14/2016 No revision date
6.0220P Data Classification & Security 9/25/2016 No revision date
4.0290P Death of a University of North Florida Employee 2/1/2006 6/2/2008
6.0070P Decentralized Business and Networking Systems 10/1/2000 No revision date
2.0810P Definition of a Credit Hour 3/14/2014 2/13/2019
2.0250P Degree Completion Within Six Years No effective date 1/14/2008
2.0920P Degree Progression and Change Major Policy 8/22/2016 No revision date
2.0480P Degree/Major Program Termination 1/22/2009 No revision date
12.0020P Developing and Publishing Online Communication 11/26/2002 12/11/2013
4.0100P Direct Deposit 2/1/2006 No revision date
1.0080R Disability Access Obligations for Program, Events or Activities at University Venues 7/5/2007 10/21/2014
4.0260R Disciplinary Action 2/1/2006 No revision date
2.0410P Dismissing a Student from a Graduate Program 7/8/2008 10/25/2017
1.0030R Disruptive Behavior 5/16/2004 No revision date
2.0450P Distance Learning 11/14/2008 No revision date
7.0060R Distribution of Printed Material 6/13/2004 10/15/2015
4.0020P Diversity Statement 2/1/2006 No revision date
2.0090P Double Degrees and Majors 8/1/1998 2/21/2011
2.0710P Duplicative Credit 3/15/2011 No revision date
5.0080R Educational Research Center for Child Development No effective date 6/25/2009
2.0960R Educational Sites: Establishment, Reclassification, Relocation and Closing 6/16/2017 No revision date
6.0180P Electronic Funds Transfers 10/16/2012 No revision date
4.0090P Eligibility for Moving Expenses 2/1/2006 No revision date
6.0100P Email Distribution (Formerly All Users Email) 12/16/2008 No revision date
1.0150P Email Policy 10/1/2018 No revision date
8.0050P Emergency Assistance and Accident / Health Insurance Requirements for Student Activities Abroad 9/24/2002 9/8/2003
6.0140R Employee Debt Collection 1/17/2012 6/16/2017
4.0220P Employee Educational Assistance Program 2/1/2006 7/27/2016
4.0210P Employee Learning Opportunities 2/1/2006 No revision date
4.0050R Employment of Relatives 2/1/2006 No revision date
2.0430P Establishing, Operating, Evaluating, Reviewing, and Disbanding University Institutes and Centers 2/20/2008 No revision date
4.0180R Evaluation and Recognition 2/1/2006 No revision date
1.0130P Export Control Laws and Regulations - Compliance Policy 11/14/2011 No revision date
6.0080P External Computer Applications Development and Support 11/1/1990 No revision date
2.0030P Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Costs (Indirect Costs) 7/1/2007 6/6/2014
4.0190P Faculty Assignment and Evaluations 2/1/2006 No revision date
2.0310P Faculty Employment 11/3/2002 11/28/2017
2.0800P Faculty Syllabus 12/9/1998 3/8/2000
2.0780P Final Exam Policy 5/15/2013 No revision date
2.0470R Financial Aid Regulation 1/5/2009 No revision date
2.0460P Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress 7/1/2006 8/22/2016
2.0830P Financial Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Projects 6/26/2014 No revision date
2.1020P Fixed-Price Sponsored Project Agreements 11/20/2017 No revision date
1.0110P Fraud and Related Wrongful Acts 5/20/2009 1/26/2018
2.0110P Grade Changes 7/7/1994 1/7/2008
2.0180P Grade Forgiveness and Repeated Courses No effective date 1/22/2015
2.0680P Grade Point Average Requirements for Limited Access Programs 7/2/2012 No revision date
2.0690P Grades No effective date 9/9/2016
2.0530P Graduate Academic Learning Compact (GALC) 8/1/2010 7/5/2017
2.0400P Graduate Academic Standing Policy 7/8/2008 3/14/2016
2.1030R Graduate Admissions 6/12/2018 No revision date
2.0720P Graduate Certificate Programs 2/1/2012 4/10/2019
2.0600P Graduate Dual International Degrees 8/1/2010 2/1/2012
2.0260P Graduate Faculty Membership and Review 7/12/2007 11/18/2018
2.0300P Graduate GPA Policy No effective date 3/14/2016
2.0240P Graduate Program Course Level Policy 7/12/2007 6/26/2008
2.0280P Graduate Program Independent Learning Policy 7/12/2007 1/14/2008
2.0050P Graduate Transfer Credit Policy 11/12/2007 1/31/2017
2.0650P Graduation - First Baccalaureate Degree Requirements 11/17/2011 4/18/2016
2.0100P Graduation Ceremony 4/14/1986 1/7/2008
14.0030P HIV / AIDS 8/1/2004 8/1/2005
7.0010P Honoring Individuals by Naming Elements at the University in Their Honor 10/17/2002 10/18/2011
4.0120P Hours of Work, Benefits and Leave Requirements 2/1/2006 11/19/2010
6.0250R Illicit Stormwater Discharge 10/11/2018 No revision date
7.0080P Institutional Biosafety Policy 1/23/2009 No revision date
8.0040P Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship Program 10/30/2000 4/27/2017
2.0120P Latin Honors Distinction Upon Degree Completion No effective date 1/12/2012
4.0140P Leave Donation 2/1/2006 11/5/2007
4.0141P Leave Donation Procedures 2/1/2006 11/5/2007
4.0030R Limited Access Personnel Records 2/1/2006 No revision date
8.0010P Management of Student and Faculty International Travel Risks 2/12/2001 3/8/2012
12.0030P Media Contact Procedures 11/6/2003 12/18/2013
5.0050P Medical Withdrawal (Administrative) 12/18/2002 5/9/2014
2.0790P Military Withdrawal 5/15/2013 No revision date
8.0060P Minimal Standards for International Student Insurance Coverage 5/5/2003 No revision date
5.0090P Missing Residential Student Policy 8/5/2011 No revision date
14.0050P Motor Vehicle Use Policy for State Owned Vehicles 5/5/2003 2/27/2015
6.0050P Network Acceptable Use 7/1/1997 4/27/2017
2.0040P New Degree / Major Programs 6/1/2007 7/5/2017
1.0040R Non-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity and Inclusion Regulation 10/27/2006 10/21/2014
10.0050R Non-Moving University Parking / Traffic Citation 10/20/2005 No revision date
6.0200P Non-Taxable and Taxable Fringe Benefits 2/19/2016 No revision date
13.0020R Notice and Protest Procedures for Protests Related to a University Contract Procurement Process 10/15/2013 No revision date
7.0090P On-campus Student Religious Centers 2/20/2012 No revision date
10.0090P Operation of Gas and Electric Powered UNF Service Vehicles No effective date 10/21/2011
2.0440P Overload Policy 10/16/2001 10/20/2008
9.0010R Parking Regulations - Purpose & Scope 10/20/2005 1/11/2018
2.0940P Part-time Faculty - Active Status 9/28/2016 No revision date
2.0020P Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property 1/26/2007 No revision date
11.0030R Payment of Tuition and Fees 7/5/2016 6/7/2016
2.0900P Placement and Retroactive Credit in French, Spanish and Chinese 3/10/2009 No revision date
11.0060P Policy and Procedure for Increasing Activity and Service, Health, and Athletic Fees 9/18/2003 No revision date
11.0050P Policy and Procedure for Increasing Miscellaneous University Fees 9/18/2003 6/26/2008
1.0010P Policy Creation and Development Process 6/1/2001 No revision date
2.0010P Policy on Academic Policies 6/1/2001 10/29/2008
2.0130P Posting of Grades No effective date 1/7/2008
2.0970P Preferred Name and Pronoun Use within the University 12/9/2016 No revision date
11.0070P Procedures for Increase in Resident and Non-Resident Graduate and Undergraduate Tuition 6/9/2003 No revision date
11.0080P Procedures for Increasing Parking Decal Fees, Fee for Educational Research Center for Child Development, Housing Rental Rates and Miscellaneous Housing Charges 9/18/2003 No revision date
8.0070P Processes for International Academic Exchange Agreements 9/8/2010 9/2/2014
13.0030R Procurement Program - Bonding Requirements 10/15/2013 No revision date
13.0010R Procurement Regulation 10/15/2013 6/16/2017
10.0030R Prohibited Uses of Motorized Vehicles 10/20/2005 No revision date
10.0040R Prohibited Uses of Non-Motorized Vehicles 10/20/2005 6/24/2010
5.0020R Prohibition Against Hazing 5/16/2007 10/21/2014
4.0240P Promotion and Change in Assignment 2/1/2006 7/2/2008
13.0050R Prompt Payment Regulation 10/11/2004 6/25/2009
4.0010R Provisions Governing Personnel Matters 2/1/2006 No revision date
2.0200P Re-Admission 5/1/1998 7/27/2016
4.0040R Recruitment, Selection and Appointment 2/1/2006 No revision date
6.0120P Red Flag Policy 3/15/2011 No revision date
2.0820P Regional and Discipline-Specific Accreditation 6/24/2010 No revision date
2.0140P Registration Permission Signature No effective date 1/7/2008
5.0070R Religious Accommodations for Students 5/7/1989 6/10/2014
14.0080P REPEALED: Weapons and Destructive Devices on Campus * 9/30/2011 12/18/2013
6.0010P Requesting Funds from Central Pool 7/1/2002 No revision date
2.0350P Residency Classification No effective date 2/29/2008
2.0950P Return of Title IV Funds When a Student Withdraws (R2T4) 9/25/2016 3/8/2018
2.0320P Review: Academic Deans 6/2/1998 4/2/2010
2.0840P SACSCOC Substantive Change 7/25/2014 7/5/2017
11.0010R Schedule of Tuition and Fees 6/21/2018 6/14/2018
2.0420P Scholarship Reassignment 2/28/2007 2/1/2016
2.0370P Selective Admissions 11/27/2007 1/1/2011
4.0280P Separation From Employment 2/1/2006 5/10/2017
6.0210R Service, Assistance and Other Animals on Campus 6/7/2016 No revision date
1.0050R Sexual Misconduct Regulation 10/27/2006 10/11/2018
4.0130P Sick Leave Pool 2/1/2006 6/2/2008
7.0100R Signage 10/11/2018 No revision date
1.0140R Smoke-Free Campus Initiative 8/1/2015 1/26/2018
6.0230P Software Updates and Reboots 2/27/2018 No revision date
11.0020R Special Fees, Fines and Penalties 6/21/2018 6/14/2018
1.0020P Statement of Ethical Conduct 12/19/2005 10/1/2018
10.0020R Statement of Traffic Regulations 10/20/2005 No revision date
2.0990P Student Complaints & Appeals 8/14/2017 No revision date
5.0010R Student Conduct Code 1/27/2006 10/11/2018
1.0090P Student Loan Practices Code of Conduct 4/17/2008 No revision date
2.0620P Student Records - Accessing 6/2/2008 10/10/2011
2.0740P Teaching Assignments and Compensation for Part-time Faculty Members 10/16/2001 7/29/2014
2.0850P Teaching Assignments and Compensation for Retired/Emeriti Faculty Members Who Return as Part-time Faculty Members 4/20/2010 11/17/2014
2.0850P Teaching Assignments and Compensation for Retired/Emeriti Faculty Members Who Return as Part-time Faculty Members 4/20/2010 11/17/2014
4.0160P Telecommuting 2/1/2006 No revision date
4.0250P Tenure and Regular Status 2/1/2006 6/2/2008
2.0210P Term Forgiveness 8/11/1995 1/22/2015
2.0520R Textbook Adoption Requirements 1/28/2010 No revision date
14.0100P The Talloires Declaration 10/18/2010 No revision date
6.0160P Ticket Box Office Policy - Non-Athletic and Non-MOCA Events 7/1/2012 4/22/2016
1.0100P Timely Warning Policy 6/16/2008 9/16/2016
14.0040P Tobacco 10/4/2005 No revision date
10.0010R Traffic and Vehicle Use 10/20/2005 No revision date
10.0060R Traffic Citations for Moving Violations 10/20/2005 No revision date
2.0330P Transfer (or Continuation) of Chair/Associate Dean to Faculty/Administrative Role 2/5/2008 12/1/2017
2.0220P Transient Student Admission Policy No effective date 1/14/2008
2.0770P Transmittal and Receipt of PDF Transcripts 3/14/2013 No revision date
11.0090R Tuition and Fee Refund 12/19/2014 No revision date
4.0230P Tuition Scholarship for Spouse / Dependents 2/1/2006 1/23/2009
2.0880P Uncollectible Costs on Contracts and Grants 12/4/2014 No revision date
2.0700P Undergraduate Academic Averages (Grade Point Averages) 2/14/2011 No revision date
2.0670P Undergraduate Certificate Programs 4/20/2012 No revision date
2.0750P Undergraduate Collaborative Programs Transcript Printing 12/1/2012 No revision date
6.0040P UNF Key Policy 5/1/2004 5/26/2011
2.0150P UNF Transcripts/Transfer Evaluations No effective date 1/7/2008
2.1000P University Catalog 8/29/2017 No revision date
4.0270P University Complaint and Grievance Resolution for Non-Union Employees 2/1/2006 6/2/2008
3.0010R University Direct Support Organizations 1/5/2004 1/17/2019
4.0150P University Holidays 2/1/2006 11/19/2010
6.0020P University Identification Card Policy 1/14/2003 2/24/2012
4.0060R University Police Qualifications 2/1/2006 No revision date
10.0070R Vehicle Towing and Impounding 10/20/2005 No revision date
13.0040P Vendor Removal 10/2/2008 No revision date
12.0010P Visual Identity Guidelines 10/26/2002 No revision date
11.0040R Waiver and Exemption of Tuition and Fees 7/5/2016 6/16/2017
2.0190P Withdrawal Policy 8/11/1995 9/28/2016