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Policies & Regulations


This policy sets forth principles and procedures for selecting and approving works of art which will be installed permanently on the University of North Florida's campus, including those funded through construction dollars and those donated by individuals or organizations.


The University of North Florida encourages and uses permanent exhibits of artwork to educate and enrich the lives of our students, faculty, staff, and the local community. Portraits may also be used to commemorate individuals who have contributed to the development of the institution.


All such exhibits of art must complement and respect the character of the campus, be appropriate for the specific setting, and be consistent with the mission of the institution.


Proposed works of art will be approved by either (a) the local art selection committee, as defined in the Florida Arts in State Building Program Guide, or (b) The UNF Campus Art Committee appointed by the University President. The local art selection committee is used for works funded through construction dollars. The UNF Campus Art Committee is used in approving works donated to, or purchased by, the University.


After consultation with the respective selection committee and other interested constituents, the University President may choose not to accept or purchase specific pieces of art work.


Works Funded through Construction Dollars

In accord with Florida Statute 255.043, one-half of one percent of the total appropriation for construction of a new building will be set aside to fund the acquisition of a work of art for public display in the interior or exterior of the new building. The allocation for the work of art can not exceed $100,000.


The procedures for selection of these works of art are set forth in the Florida's Art in State Buildings Program Guide.

Donated Works of Art

In making decisions to accept donated works of art, as stated above, the President will appoint a UNF Campus Art Committee. This committee will review proposed donations and make a recommendation to the President. In reviewing such proposals, the committee will consider:

  1. Information about the work of art, its concept or purpose, any existing appraisals and any history on the work;
  2. The biography of the artist;
  3. Information about the donor(s) including information about prior affiliation with the University, if any;
  4. A description of proposed campus sites for the artwork and the rationale for these sites;
  5. Information on any technical issues which need to be considered (e.g. lighting, security, other installation requirements and/or maintenance, restoration and cleaning requirements), and
  6. A clear statement of what related costs the donor(s) intends to cover and what costs, if any, the University would be obligated to assume.

Proposals for artwork which are being donated to the University should also be reviewed by the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

Statues Commemorating Individuals or Sets of Individuals

If a proposed donation or acquisition is a statue commemorating a known individual or set of individuals, this piece must meet the criteria set forth in the policy statement provided above and each of the following criteria:

  1. It must be judged to be a work of art by the UNF Campus Art Committee, which will include one or more members of UNF's art faculty;
  2. It must be constructed in an appropriate medium (e.g. bronze or granite) and not exceed eight feet in height;
  3. It must commemorate the life of an individual or lives of a group of individuals who have been dead for twenty-five or more years;
  4. It must depict an individual or individuals who have made significant contributions to society, or a specific discipline or field of study, as determined by a panel of experts from within the university community; and
  5. It must depict an individual or individuals who have achieved regional, national or international recognition.

Recognizing Works of Art

In installing a donated or purchased work of art, the University or the donors of such a work will ensure that the art is appropriately recognized by title and artist. Donors may also wish to work with the University to recognize their contributions to the University.

Relocating Works of Art

As set forth in this policy, any donated or purchased work of art becomes the property of the University of North Florida. As such, it is within the prerogative of the University to relocate such works of art on the UNF campus or, if necessary, place such works in storage when changes in the campus require such alterations.