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Policies & Regulations


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the proper management of state-owned vehicles assigned to the University of North Florida.



University departments that are responsible for operating and maintaining state owned vehicles must ensure that assigned state-owned vehicles are used solely for official business unless authorized by the President, or by employment agreement, that the vehicles are correctly maintained, and that only properly licensed drivers operate vehicles.


Departments must maintain the UNF Vehicle Control Record (Appendix C) for all state-owned motor vehicles except non-licensed vehicles (i.e. golf carts, service vehicles, tractors, etc.). The Vehicle Control Record is designed as a monthly record and should be maintained by the department for one year. The responsible department reviewer must review and sign this record at the end of each month to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of vehicles assigned to respective departments.


Department heads must verify that each employee who operates a state-owned vehicle possesses a current, valid Florida state driver's license. The attached Certification Memo (Appendix A) must be completed for each licensed driver before the employee is allowed to operate a state-owned vehicle. The certification memo must be maintained in employee personnel files for the duration of employment.


Vehicle operators must maintain a valid Florida state driver's license, follow all applicable federal and state traffic and motor vehicle regulations, and report any problem with vehicle operation to their supervisor. Department heads responsible for the operation and maintenance of state-operated vehicles may develop additional policies related to motor vehicle use, when in the best interest of the University.

This policy is not intended to apply to police department vehicles or any other "Qualified Non-Personal Use Vehicles" as described in Internal Revenue Service Bulletin 2010-23, §1.27405.



  1. Departmental Motor Vehicle Use Procedures
    1. A Travel Log Book must be issued to each vehicle operator after approval to use a state-owned vehicle is provided by the Department. As a minimum, the Travel Log Book must contain vehicle keys, current Vehicle Control Record, state gasoline credit card, and UNF gasoline credit card.
    2. The user must submit a list of passengers for approval by the department prior to vehicle use.
    3. The vehicle operator is responsible for ensuring that others vehicle drivers, are in compliance with this policy.
  2. User Responsibilities:
    1. Prior to the use of the vehicle, the user must inspect the condition of the vehicle and record any unsatisfactory items on the Vehicle Inspection Record (Appendix D). When the vehicle inspection reveals a condition that renders the vehicle unsafe to operate, the operator must immediately inform the department of the unsafe condition. An unsafe vehicle must not be operated until proper repairs are completed.
    2. Vehicles that have reserved parking spaces must be parked in those spaces upon return.
    3. Users and passengers shall observe all state and federal motor vehicle rules and regulations, wear seat belts and operate the vehicle in a courteous manner.
    4. Vehicle accidents must be reported as quickly as possible to Environmental Health, Safety, Insurance & Risk Management (EH & S) at (904) 620-2019 following the accident. When possible, the police accident report number, the officer's name and the name and address of the other parties involved should also be provided to EH & S.
    5. Hitchhikers are not permitted to ride in University vehicles.
    6. Only authorized University employees may drive University vehicles.
    7. Personal use of vehicles is prohibited.
    8. State liability insurance will not cover an accident that occurs while: transporting individuals not associated with official University business, while driving under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, and/or when driving to and from local attractions, recreation, entertainment or for social purposes.
    9. Abuse of this vehicle control policy may result in the loss of vehicle use privileges and possible disciplinary action.
  3. Appendix A: UNF Vehicle Control Policy, Certification Memo
  4. Appendix B: Vehicle Control Record
  5. Appendix C: Vehicle Control Record Instructions
  6. Appendix D: Vehicle Inspection Record

Formerly 9-3.010