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Policies & Regulations
Procurement Services


To establish the grounds upon which the University Procurement Director may remove a vendor from the University's authorized vendor or competitive solicitation lists.


University of North Florida regulation titled Procurement Program - Overview, Number 13.0010R, Paragraph II (1) (a) and (f).


Upon determination that it is in the best interests of the University, the Director of Procurement Services shall remove a vendor from the University's authorized vendor or competitive solicition lists and reject all bids or solicitation responses offered by that vendor based upon the following defaults: 

(a) failure to repond to a competitive solicitation without giving a justifiable reason for such failure; 
(b) failure to make timely delivery or fully comply with the pricing, terms, conditions, or specifications on any one contract or purchase order; 
(c) any attempt to influence a purchase, specification, award, or other pertinent factor in violation of applicable regulation or policy; 
(d) being charged or convicted before a court of competent jursidiction with committing a fraud, misdemeanor or felony in connection with the vendor's commercial enterprise. If changes are dismissed, the vendor of the business is determined not to be guilty, or the determination of guilt is reversed through the appellate process, the vendor shall be reinstated upon notification by the vendor; 
(e) bankruptcy, receivership, or any assignment for the benefit of creditors; 
(f) commencing or continuing to supply commodoties or contractual services (1) before receiving a purchase order, or (2) after receiving a notice not to supply commodities or contractual services unless it has subsequently received an official University of North Florida purchase order signed by the purchasing director or his/her designee. 

Except as provided above, when the Director of Procurement Services is satisfied that the default is cured and further instances of default are not likely to occur, the Director shall reinstate the removed vendor.