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Policies & Regulations
Public Relations


This policy is designed to help assure that accurate, consistent and timely information is provided to members of media who call or come to campus in connection with news stories.


The University of North Florida will respond in a timely manner to all requests from the news media for information pertaining to the University and consistent with the Florida law by utilizing the procedure outlined below.


  1. It is recommended that when faculty and staff are contacted by the media to provide general information about the University or information relating to particular University policies, they refer such calls to the Department of Public Relations. This helps assure that the University reports consistent information to the media. 
  2. When media contact faculty to make specific inquiries about their areas of expertise, it is recommended the Department of Public Relations be contacted and informed of the request and briefed on the nature of the story and the information to be provided. 
  3. Nothing in these procedures shall be construed from preventing faculty or staff from expressing personal opinions about issues relating to the University or other issues of general news value. However, in such cases, faculty and staff must emphasize to the media that they are speaking personally and not as representatives of the University. 
  4. All media requests that seek a comment on behalf of the University must be referred to the Department of Public Relations unless the individual is previously authorized by the President to speak on behalf of the University. In such cases, statements should be made in consultation with the Department of Public Relations. Officers authorized to speak on behalf of the University include all vice presidents.
  5. All media requests that seek information pertaining to a University issue must be referred to the Department of Public Relations. The Department of Public Relations in consultation with the appropriate vice president or the president will determine who is the best individual to respond to the media request.

Formerly 9-3.008