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Policies & Regulations
Tuition and Fees


This policy delegates authority for increasing miscellaneous university fees to the President of the University of North Florida. Further, the policy establishes the timeframe and procedure for approval of increases to miscellaneous university fees.


As delegated by the UNF Board of Trustees, the President of the University of North Florida will be responsible for increases to the Application Fee; Orientation Fee; fee for security, access, or identification cards; service charge for the payment of tuition in installments; Late Registration Fee; Late Payment Fee; fee for miscellaneous health-related charges; fees for materials and supplies; fees for distance learning; charge for reasonable cost of efforts to collect payment of overdue accounts; service charge on university loans; fee for off-campus course offerings; library fees and fines, including charges for damaged and lost library materials, overdue reserve library books, interlibrary loans and literature searches; fees related to duplicating, photocopying, binding, and microfilming; fees for copyright services and standardized testing; fees and fines relating to the use, late return, and loss and damage of facilities and equipment; a returned-check fee for unpaid checks returned to the university; traffic and parking fines; Transportation Access Fee; fees for transcripts and diploma replacement. 


Any recommended changes to these fees will be reviewed by the President in December of each year, with approved changes to take effect the following fall. These fees may not exceed predetermined amounts set in accordance with Florida statute.

Formerly 9-10.001