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Policies & Regulations
Tuition and Fees


  1. The University of North Florida Board of Trustees approves all schedules for tuition, registration and special fees and fines to be assessed and collected by the University. Students are required to pay in accordance with the following procedures:
  2. Past Debts: Prior to registration for any term, students must satisfy all due/delinquent amounts owed to the University, unless other arrangements have been made.
  3. A student's registration maybe canceled if payment of fees or appropriate arrangements for fee payment has not occurred by the close of the tuition payment deadline indicated on the University's Academic Calendar, except as provided for in paragraph (3)(b), below.
    1. Registration shall be defined as consisting of these components:
      1. Provision of complete and accurate background information;
      2. Formal selection of one or more credit courses approved and schedule by the university; and
      3. Fee payment or other appropriate arrangements for fee payment (installment payment, deferment or third party billing). Fee liability shall be incurred at the point that the student has completed registration as defined above, including fee payment or other appropriate arrangements for payment. A student who has made a fee payment or made appropriate arrangements for fee payment shall be liable for all courses that remain on his/her class schedule at the end of the drop/add period.
    2. The president will extend the deadline for fee payment when payment by the student is delayed due to University action or inaction.
    3. A student whose registration has been canceled under subsection (3) above may be reinstated. To be reinstated, a student must:
      1. Apply by the end of the first quarter of the term for reinstatement and must pay tuition and associated fees or make other appropriate arrangements for the payment of the total fees plus the late payment fee and re-registration fee or
      2. Have become eligible for financial aid for a portion of the total fees, the late payment fee and the re-registration fee.
    4. All or any part of the tuition and registration fees will be waived by the University as prescribed by the Florida Statutes.
  4. A student may pay fees, including charges for housing, in installments. Said student is required to make appropriate arrangements for the payment of his/her obligation by the tuition payment deadline. Calendar is located at: The student must make arrangements with the Residence Life Office for payment arrangements for Housing. The student's record is on hold and the student is precluded from receiving grades, a transcript or a diploma and shall be denied registration for further terms until his/her account has been settled in full.
  5. If a student's fee account is in arrears, the student's academic progress (not a reference to satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes) will be suspended until his/her account has been settled in full or other arrangements have been made.

Authority: Resolution of the Florida Board of Governors dated January 7, 2003, F.S.1001.7 (10)(11), F.S. 1009.24, F.S. 1009.27, F.S. 1010.03(4) History - New 5-2-04, Amended 10-20-05. Formerly 8.1003. Amended and Approved by BOT October 15, 2013; Approved by the BOG November 1, 2013; Amended and Approved by the BOT June 7, 2016; Approved by the BOG July 5, 2016.