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Policies & Regulations
Traffic and Public Safety


  1. A vehicle may be towed away and/or impounded if the University Parking Services Department or University Police determines the vehicle:
    1. Is blocking a traffic way;
    2. Is blocking a pedestrian way;
    3. Is blocking access to a required service;
    4. Is creating a hazard;
    5. Belongs to a person whose parking privileges on campus have been revoked by the University;
    6. Is parked in a designated no parking or tow-away zone;
    7. Is illegally parked in a disability parking space;
    8. Is illegally parked in a reserved space;
    9. Is parked in a fire lane;
    10. Is illegally parked in a Registered Guest or Vendor designated space;
    11. Is involved in a crime or is potential evidence;
    12. Would be left unattended due to the arrest of the driver;
    13. Has been immobilized by placement of a wheel lock device to it for a period of twenty (20xxxor more days and the owner has not satisfied requirements to have the device removed;
    14. Is parked in a manner that has the potential to cause harm to members of the University community, or damage to University property or other property; and/or
    15. Is deemed by the University President, or his designee, to require removal.
  2. Any and all charges against the vehicle, including the immobilization fee, must be satisfied prior to the vehicle being released from impound. Wrecker services removing vehicles from the University are entitled to payment as authorized by applicable Florida Statutes and Municipal Ordinances.

Authority: Resolution of the Board of Governors dated January 7, 2003

Florida Statutes 1001.74(35) and 1006.66

History-New 10-20-05, Formerly 5.1008, 6C9-10.007.