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Policies & Regulations
Traffic and Public Safety


  1. Special events or inclement weather do not bar the enforcement of traffic and vehicle use regulations contained in these regulations.
  2. The University campus speed limit is as posted. If no posting is visible, the speed limit in all parking lots is 15 miles per hour and 5 miles per hour in all garages.
  3. The University has a variety of sidewalks and trails; therefore, walking, running or jogging on UNF Drive is prohibited.
  4. All accidents involving University-owned vehicles shall be reported immediately to the University Police by the persons involved in the accident.
  5. Barriers may be placed by the University police at any point deemed necessary for specific temporary use, including safety reasons. Except for the passage of emergency vehicles, removal of any such barrier without permission is prohibited. In every case, the directions of a police officer supersede the regulations posted by a sign or signal.

Authority: Resolution of the Board of Governors dated January 7, 2003

Florida Statutes 1001.74(35) and 1006.66

History-New 10-20-05, Formerly 5.1002, 6C9-10.002