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International Affairs


Create a policy to describe the minimal standards for international insurance coverage.


All International students with visa status of F 1 or 2; J 1 or 2 prior to registration for on campus classes must provide proof of insurance. They may purchase the UNF sponsored policy or opt to purchase an alternate policy with adequate International insurance coverage.

The following terms set the standard for adequate International insurance:

1. 52 weeks of continuous care

2. Basic Benefits: room, board, hospital service, physician fees, surgeon fees, ambulance, diagnostic services (including laboratory and X-ray services), outpatient services, and outpatient customary fees paid at 80% of usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) charges after deductible is met.

3. Inpatient Mental Health Care: paid at 50% of the UCR with a 30-day cap.

4. Outpatient Mental Health Care: paid at 50% of the UCR with a $100 cap.

5. Maternity Benefits (female students); treated as any other medical condition.

6. Coverage for inpatient/outpatient prescription medication.

7. $7,500 coverage for repatriation (to return the deceased student to his/her native country).

8. $10,000 coverage for medical evacuation (permits the patient to be accompanied by a provider or escort to their home country if directed by the physician in charge).

9. Exclusion period for any pre-existing condition should not exceed six months.

10. Deductible should not exceed $50 per occurrence if treatment is rendered at the UNF Student Medical Center, and $100 per occurrence if treatment is rendered elsewhere.

11. $200, 000 lifetime aggregate cap for covered injuries/illnesses per individual students.

Formerly 9-5.007