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Policies & Regulations
International Affairs


To establish policies and procedures on awarding scholarships to students from Latin America and the Caribbean.


  1. Under F.S. 1009.21(10)(e), full-time students from Latin America and the Caribbean who receive scholarships from the federal or state government, and who attend a Florida institute of higher education, shall be classified as residents for tuition purposes.


  2. The minimum amount of a LAC scholarship shall be $500 per semester, for all LAC recipients starting Spring 2017.


  3. All units with admitted students who are pursuing an approved plan of study may provide qualified students with LAC scholarships. Colleges are expected to use LAC scholarships as a means of contributing toward annual enrollment goals.


  4. The minimum GPA requirement for both new and continuing LAC scholarship students, whether graduate or undergraduate, shall be set by the sponsoring units, but in no event may a LAC award be made to a student who is not in good academic standing. Graduate students who are enrolled for thesis or dissertation hours will retain eligibility even if they fall below the standard full-time enrollment level of nine semester hours.


Formerly 9-5.003; Amended 09/08/03; Amended 4/5/2017