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Policies & Regulations
Facilities and Land


The University's master plan identifies four (4) lots of approximately one acre each for construction and occupancy by student religious centers. Any such center occupying a lot will be constructed, financed and operated by a faith-based organization that enters into a sublease with the University for a term not exceeding the term of the University's underlying lease with the State of Florida ("Sublessee"). This regulation sets forth the broad framework for the identification and approval of Sublessees, the use of campus lots by Sublessees and the terms of subleases.


  1. Purpose of the Student Religious Centers:

    The University welcomes onto its campus and registers as campus organizations faith-based groups without regard to differences in religious creed. Over many years, on-campus spiritual and religious centers of many creeds have served colleges and universities and their students by providing students, particularly students residing on campus, with the enhanced access to campus-based spiritual and religious activities centers can provide. In order to provide such access, the University has designated an area of its campus for the construction, lease and operation of four (4) centers on four (4) separate lots.


    A center on the University's campus ("Center") is not intended to serve as a house of worship for the community at large. A Center is intended to serve exclusively members of the University community. Without the prior written consent of the University, only the Sublessee which originally subleases the campus lot may operate a Center on such lot. No assignment or subletting of any lot by a Sublessee will be permitted without University consent.


  2. Fiscal and Contractual Obligation of Sublessee:

    All costs of constructing, maintaining and operating a center will be borne by the Sublessee. Lump sum rent for the entire Sublease term and a security deposit shall be paid by each Sublessee at the commencement of its Sublease. A portion of such lump sum rent shall be used toward financing the construction and maintenance of a non-denominational sanctuary to be constructed and dedicated to use by any and all members of the University community.


    The terms of the subleases will be substantially consistent, and lump sum rent shall be equal among subleases. The University will approve the location, design and construction of each Center. The University will require that each Sublessee complies with the terms of its sublease, including without limitation its obligation to maintain its Center in the prescribed condition. The University will enforce a Sublessee's compliance with its sublease in accordance with the University's rights under the sublease.


    Recognizing the University's commitment to coordination among faith-based organizations and open dialogue, each Sublessee shall agree to maintain membership and actively participate in the University-recognized interfaith council. When approving the location, design and construction of a Center, the University will take into consideration configurations that augment interaction among Centers.


  3. Adherence to University and Governmental Regulations and Policies:

    Each Sublessee will agree to comply with all University regulations and policies, including without limitation the University's nondiscrimination and alcohol use policies. The Sublessee will be obligated to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, statutes, rules and regulations.


  4. Selection of Sublessees:

    In selecting Sublessees, the University will publish a notice inviting faith-based organizations in the greater Jacksonville community to submit proposals. The University's invitation will remain open until subleases for the four (4) Centers have been executed.


    The selection of Sublessees is within the sole discretion of the University. The University will reject the proposal of any organization not properly organized or not in full compliance with applicable law, regulation and policy. The University will consider the following factors in making its selection:

    1. a proposer's fiscal strength,

    2. the degree to which a proposer's selection would augment diversity of creed among Centers,

    3. a demonstrated student interest in such a center.