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The University encourages protected discourse on its campus in compliance with state and federal law governing freedom of expression. The purpose of this regulation is to promote the University’s educational mission and the public health, safety and welfare of University community members through the regulation of time, place and manner provisions in which printed materials may be distributed on campus.


The distribution of printed material, defined as newspapers, handbills, leaflets, pamphlets, magazines, and printed paper(s) is permitted on campus only as described in this regulation and at reasonable times, places, and in reasonable manners consistent with the educational mission of the University, the uninterrupted orderly operation of University programs, classes, and studies, the safety of University students, faculty, and staff, and the protection of University property and the property of its students and personnel as provided below.

  1. Any individual, group or organization desiring to distribute printed material on the University campus may distribute under the following conditions:
    1. There must be no interference with normal operations of the University, including classroom instruction and the free movement of vehicle or pedestrian traffic, or infringement on the rights of others' lawful use of outside areas of campus or interior portions of campus such as hallways, common areas, offices, work, and living privacy.
    2. Distribution of printed material may not take place within University buildings and facilities Printed material may not be distributed in outdoor areas of campus in such a manner as to interfere with access to University buildings or facilities. Distribution of printed materials in classrooms is at the discretion of the instructor.
    3. The selling of printed material or distribution of commercial material is not permitted on campus except through newsboxes or newsstands or as otherwise permitted pursuant to Regulation 7.0050R, "Commercial Activities; Selling of Merchandise, Activities Involving Off-Campus Vendors."
    4. To avoid littering the campus and to promote the aesthetic quality of the University campus, printed material may not be left unattended or placed on vehicles anywhere on campus including parking garages or parking lots. Tables, or equipment used for the dissemination of printed material may not be left unattended and must be removed after its use except in those instances where prior approval has been granted to distribute newspapers and other printed material at specific sites by means of vending machines or distribution boxes, in accordance with subsection (2) of this regulation.
    5. The individual, group or organization is subject to all University regulations and policies and all laws that govern a person in the exercise of their rights of expression. These laws include those related to defamation, obscenity, pornography, or of the existing authorities, inciting to riot, or any other law or regulation validly limiting the exercise of free speech.
  2. Use of newsstands or news boxes.
    1. All printed material sold or distributed without charge, which is left unattended, shall be stacked in distribution boxes or stands no larger than standard newspaper vending machine size, constructed of either metal or wood with a bottom flooring.
    2. All newsstands or boxes shall be kept in a neat and clean condition, and shall be used in a regular and periodic manner. Any stand or box not so kept and used will be removed and stored by appropriate University personnel.
    3. Newsstands or boxes may be placed only in areas specifically designated for such purposes by the Office of Vice-President for Administration and Finance, dependent upon the availability of space. Additional space may be allotted on a temporary basis upon request to the Office of the Vice-President for Administration and Finance.
  3. This regulation only addresses the distribution of printed materials on campus as described above. For example, this regulation does not address the posting of printed material on bulletin boards, walls, trees, or any other portion of campus. The University's Signage Regulation (7.0100R) is controlling regarding the posting of printed material.
  4. Any individual, group, or organization engaged in the distribution of printed material in violation of this rule will be prevented from continuing such distribution if necessary to protect the uninterrupted orderly operation of the University, the safety of the University students and personnel, and the property of the University and its students and personnel.

Specific Authority, BOG Regulation 1.001. History-New 11-25-82, Formerly 6C9-7.15, Amended 9-26-88, Amended 6-13-04, Amended 10/11/18.