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Policies & Regulations
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This policy delineates actions that must be taken and decisions that must be made in honoring individuals by naming elements at the University of North Florida in their honor.


The University of North Florida will consider requests for gift and non-gift naming opportunities to honor alumni and others when these requests will further the mission of the institution. These may include, but are not limited to, the naming of classrooms, library acquisitions, endowed professorships, scholarships, buildings, schools, or colleges. In such cases the person being honored should be an individual who, in the judgment of the University, exhibits exceptional personal integrity.

The President will have final approval on all such requests, except for those to name a building or a college/school. The University Board of Trustees must approve all requests to name buildings, colleges, or schools.


The Vice President for Institutional Advancement will have available a list of tribute (for living individuals) and memorial options. Requests to exercise such options should be submitted in writing through the appropriate Dean, Vice President, or University constituent assembly (i.e., Faculty Association, Administration and Professional Association, University Support Personnel Association, or Student Government) to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement for consideration and recommendation.  These requests should provide the rationale on how the University’s mission will be furthered and document the personal integrity of the individual to be honored.

Upon review of such requests, the Vice President for Institutional Advancement will make a recommendation to the President. In cases of naming colleges, schools, or buildings, the President will forward the recommendation to the Board of Trustees for their decision. The recommendation will include statements on: (a) the relationship of the request to the mission of the institution, and (b) the personal integrity of the individual for whom the college, school, or building is proposed to be named.

Gift Consideration

Building namings should be consistent with State University System policies and will reflect not only the donor’s appropriate financial support, but also the donor’s commitment to the mission, vision and objectives of the University. The gift amount necessary to name a building is generally one-third of the cost of construction (guidelines offer a range of between 25 and 50 percent). The amount is determined based on age of the building, usage and location. The Vice President for Institutional Advancement recommends a specific amount for review and approval by the President.

Non-Gift Consideration

Buildings may be named in honor of a person(s), without consideration of a gift, who has made a significant contribution to society or a professional field, or who has distinguished him or herself in the life of the University of North Florida. Nominations of individuals under this category should provide clear evidence of the sustained impact the individual has had on society, the profession, or the University; extraordinary and lasting distinctions achieved; and a wide consensus supporting naming a building after the individual. For current of past university employees, a minimum of 10 years of service is required.