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Policies & Regulations
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Number Title Effective Date Revised Date
7.0010P Naming of University Elements 10/17/2002 8/18/2021
7.0040R Freedom of Expression in Outdoor Areas of Campus 10/11/2018
7.0050R Commercial Activity; Selling of Merchandise, Activities Involving Off Campus Vendors 6/13/2004 10/15/2018
7.0060R Distribution of Printed Material 6/13/2004 10/11/2018
7.0080P Institutional Biosafety Policy 1/23/2009
7.0090P On-campus Student Religious Centers 2/20/2012
7.0100R Signage 10/11/2018 10/17/2019
7.0110R Trespass 10/14/2021