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Policies & Regulations
Administration & Finance


To establish policy regarding the control and administration of ticketing for non-athletic events held by University departments where revenue is collected for ticket sales and deposited into a University bank account. This policy also excludes events held by MOCA. By centralizing the ticketing function into one area the University can ensure that revenues, donations and complimentary tickets are properly accounted for and that sales tax is collected and remitted to the State of Florida as required by statute.


All University departments with the exception of Athletics that wish to sponsor events where tickets will be sold must utilize the Ticket Box Office operated by the Office of Business Services. At least two weeks prior to tickets being sold departments should execute an event set up form with Ticket Box Office staff that specifies the event details including the price to be charged for tickets, types of seating to be offered and responsible party/parties representing the event sponsor.

The Ticket Box Office will offer tickets for sale based on the event set up form details. Fees will be charged to the event sponsor as approved annually by the Auxiliary Oversight committee and the President. All tickets sold or distributed for an event shall be produced by the Ticket Box Office including complimentary tickets. Should the event sponsor request that complimentary tickets be provided the event sponsor will be responsible for accounting for the distribution of same and providing a detailed report to the Ticket Box Office of the persons or entities that receive the complimentary tickets. Any complimentary tickets not used will be returned to the Ticket Box Office for a final reconciliation.

The Ticket Box Office shall deposit into a University holding account all proceeds from the sale of tickets and remit net proceeds to the event sponsor on a schedule agreed to at the time of event set up.

E-Ticketing for events where no admission is charged is provided by Information Technology Services. The E-Ticketing service provides a solution that allows for the collection of email address of patrons that attend free events. Patrons select an option to receive electronic communication regarding upcoming events. This method of communication can greatly reduce the cost of marketing initiatives for event sponsors.