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Student Employees' Use of Departmental and University Computer Systems
Number: 6.0090P
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Effective Date: 9/1/1994
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Administration & Finance / Information Technology Services


    To advise University departments of their responsibility for managing student employees’ use of departmental and University computer systems.


    A University department that employs students is responsible for managing student employee use of departmental and University computer systems. This includes, but is not limited to: monitoring student access to sensitive and/or mission critical information, monitoring data stored by students on departmental workstations, and ensuring that University computer systems are used solely for legitimate activities directly related to the mission of the University. This would not preclude a student employee from using a departmental system for course related work, provided that the student has been granted permission to do so. 

    Authorized personnel within a unit may request user IDs and signons for student employees. In all cases, the individual that is authorized to request access for a student employee assumes responsibility and accountability for that student's account(s) and all activity performed there under. Further, this individual is responsible for ensuring that the student employee's access level is no greater that the minimum required to perform the duties of the position. 

    Each department must ensure that students who have access to sensitive or mission critical information are fully aware of the consequences of unauthorized access and/or misuse of the information. The department must take immediate steps to remove access privileges (i.e., password change and/or removal of user ID) when a student is no longer employed by the department, or when a student's responsibilities within the department no longer require access or require a different level of access.